the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 58

This is Part 58 of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic. The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.
Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .
(please remember to not carry on long chatspeak conversations in here, we have a wonderful private message system, chatroom and playground for that :thumbs: )

Hi Im Q… glad to be here, i guess…
might not post much because I am fighting my Firefox browser…
there is so much synchronicity in life, it makes one wonder at how truly entangled everything is…
I plan to use the material from my dreams to weave stories beyond any other… and also to learn and to explore…

A Q imposter :eek: :scared: (pasQuale the site/forum owner is already called Q :content: )
hello Que_Sage, welcome to LD4all. I hope you find everything you wish for from here and more :smile:

Happy browsing and posting :happy:

Hi i’ll call you QS hope you have fun.

woah WTM greeting people and you havnt even been on the site for 2 days :eek:

welcome QS hope you have many LD’s

:welcome: Que_Sage! Hope you enjoy he site it can become quite addicting! :nuu:

:welcome: que_sage, like moogle said there is already one Q :tongue: so I will call you QS as well :grin:

I hope you find this site interesting :cookiemon:

hopefully increase the amount?
you WILL!!! :smile:

Welcome insomniasucks :tongue:, nice name by the way

Thanks, moogle!

hey everyone. I don’t think I’d consider myself new here. I’ve lurked on these forums for a few years but never got around to posting on them. I think it’s time I made some new friends.

name’s Dave btw.

:wave: hoodaman, I look forward to see you posting here :tongue:

:wave: Dave.

whenever I see people say that they have been “lurking” around the forum, I always picture this thing crawling underground.

couldn’t hurt. :boogie:

well a late welcome to the forum :happy:
You will ‘know’ quite a few of us by now and so should immediately feel at home :grin:
Have fun browsing the extra forums that are now available to you :boogie:

Welcome Dave, are you going to post a DJ?

I may start one up. I dunno yet. couldn’t hurt for dream sign identifying if nothing else.

yo im Riley
i’ve been looking around the fourms the past hour or so and i decided to make an account.

I just started learning about lucid dreaming and hope to learn more as my life progresses. It seems alot of you have achieved what i would like to in lucid dreaming.

I have woken up in a dream a few times(looking in mirror and looking at hands) but then my dream ends all times…

ne way just introducing myself and hope to learn more!

:wave: hello rileyaok, welcome to the forum :grouphug:

well, you are truly on your way :boogie: … just need to stabilise the dream to make it last longer. Plus the more dreams you have in which you experience some moments of lucidity … the more likely you will manage to stay in the dream, since it isn’t a new experience anymore.

So you will get a good LD eventually :thumbs:

:welcome: riley to ld4all :hurray:

I hope to see you around here :grin:


whenever I see people say that they have been “lurking” around the forum, I always picture this thing crawling underground.

I do quite a bit and don’t look anything like that. :happy:
Actually I’m pink, fluffy and carry a basket of flowers.

That’s…pretty funny. lol

Hello, I’m Zaret and I just found this forum and it is great! I’m 28 years married and have 2 children. Having kids have limited by nights to 4-5 hours (sometime less) I have LD frequently mostly in the morning after I drop my daughter to school and “rehit” my bed for a couple hours more. I’m a night person and if I was alone I would spend nights awake and days sleeping. :shy: