I'm scared to go to sleep every night

Every night when I try to go to sleep, I just can’t do it! I think it might be due to my somewhat recent OBE which was a bad experience. I just can’t go unconcious for a long time so I feel my body just kind of shutting down and it’s scary, so I open my eyes and move. Eventually I fall asleep somehow, I guess from keeping my self up for so long. What can keep me from falling asleep is trying to think out a dream. It’s not very relaxing because it’s hard to concentrate on what I want to happen, but if I just naturally let the thoughts come to my head I stop thinking about lucid dreaming, so that might make my chances of having and LD that night low. Sleeping with the TV on helps me fall asleep a lot easier, but I think it’s harder to have an LD with the TV on because whatever is going on in the show that’s on will affect your dream.

How can I fix this? Will I go into sleep paralysis if I just don’t move while I’m conciously going to sleep? Because I don’t want to! It sounds like it would be terrifying. Is there any way that I can just go to sleep but still think about lucid dreaming?

By the way, sorry to clog up this forum so much, I just really want an LD and I’m really interested in dreams and such.

hmm…Ive heard of people being afraid fater a bad OBE…but in the end, it was one bad experience. I havent had this problem, but most likly its a fear you have…like a fear of the dark…a child is afraid of the dark, for fear that something there…they do not know that nothing is there…but they arnt sure…so they have alittle nightlight to comfort them, ofcourse what could protect yourself from another bad OBE?..nothing as far as i know…(maybe other forum members will know)…but there is nothing to fear from sleeping nor from an OBE…just keep telling yourself this…also i find it good to watch a comedy movie before bed, give my mind something entertainting to think about…

Hope anything i said helps…remmeber…theres nothing to be afraid of…

It now to me seems that it’s weird that people can simply fall asleep. I simply cannot just go to sleep thinking about one thing. My mind totally wanders and I get startled easily or frightened so I feel like I have to open my eyes when falling asleep.

This morning my body almost went into sleep parlysis while I was awake. I ws just trying to sleep when I opened my eyes and tried to move and I struggled for a second. It’s things like these that make me scared to sleep.

I think this is the third night in a row that I’ve had all of this trouble sleeping. It seems that the only way I can sleep and have dream is by performing WILD. It’s one of the only ways I can sleep other than just staying awake until my body simply shuts down. Also, this is the second day in a row that I had a false awakening. I don’t think I can stop them because it’s about the only time I can sleep. I can only remember my 5 second dream last night where I saw a video game I think RPG and you got upgrades in a cool way, then my bro turned on the sink in the bathroom and woke me up.

I wish I had your “trouble.” Your “troubles” have so much potential. I have only had one small case of SP, but I’m not sure if it was real SP. I was dual conscious and I could only move my dream arms and not my real arms. I laughed once I was fully awake. Nothing was scary about it.

Have you always had these problems trying to go to sleep? Or only recently?

I think you should go to bed and try to induce SP. You should experiment with it and confront it. You might learn that it can be elusive once pursued. Or you may can use it as a stepping stone towards some amazing experiences and LDs. Lucky you! You might have the ability to induce LDs at will.

Goodluck! :thumbs:

I think that a lot of us have subconscious inhibitions to LDs, OBEs and the like. I seem to have some subconscious wish to wait until I’m dead before I have any mystical experiences. I definitely have a fear of dreams.

I’m going to seriously try self-hypnosis. We need to go in and directly reprogram the subconscious.