I'm sick of my cycle

My LDing and Dream Recall are pretty suckish most of the time. Every few weeks, I’ll get a spike for about 2 or 3 nights and remember most or all of the dreams and more than usual will be lucid. I want to stop this and make it constant lucid and recalling. My trouble is that I don’t know how to stop the cycle.

Does someone know how I can stop this?

first step, stop worrying about it. know that in time, it will become better. As long as you keep practising.
step two. keep practising.

Stop the cycle? You can’t stop the cycle! Life is a cycle, so naturally, everything else will mold itself into a cycle. It is called harmony. And Krakatoa is right. Stop worrying. Your abilities will improve when they improve. The seed does not sit around and say, “Man, I can’t wait to be a tree,” because it is too busy being a seed. It will become a tree when the time is right.

I think seeds just want water…

And DayLight, is that a buldog smoking, or some mayan/buddhist/whatever god?

I don’t know, actually. It was a thumbnail I saved from erowid’s visionary art vault a long time ago, and I decided to use it as my avatar,