I'm so close! (i think)

well let me first start by saying I’m completely new to the forums
they seem pretty nice :content: and everyone is friendly :grin:

Alright, well basically when I was a young kid I would have nightmares alllll the time, and I actually developed a method, whenever I would have a nightmare, inside of my dream, I would close my eyes, and say or scream “TYLER WAKEUP! TYLER WAKE UP!”
(my names tyler :wink: )
and I would wake up :smile:

Okay, that was when I was about 6-8, and I know I knew I was dreaming, why else would I tell myself to wake up, and I felt at one with my DC.

Well, I really want to get my ability back, so this past week I’ve been trying to LD.
The first night, was crazy, I tried to WILD and I would count my breathes, and then all the sudden I got intense vibrations, I got a little creeped out so I stopped.
I really am mad at myself for that.
The second night I tried to WILD, I tried to count 1…2…3…etc. while exhaling for each breathe, and then inhaling saying “im dreaming”.
It worked ok, but after about 50 or so, I would start saying random numbers, or say something different or my words would slur, and I became aware of that, and would kind of wake myself back up again.

Is that a sign of me getting close? Or no?

And also, after the second night, I’ve just been going to sleep and having the intent on dreaming, maybe thats a better place to start?

If you read it all, congrats!
hoorays if you reply :woo:

First of all Welcome to the forums! :smile:

I haven’t really tried the WILD technique myself, but a few times that I intended to do it, I would get spasms in my legs that would jerk me out of my concentration. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis twice, but they were accidental, I wasn’t trying to do the WILD or anything, they just happened.
I usually do the MILD technique.

Yeah, I’d say going for the MILD approach. People tend to find that easier; my WILD skills are abominable!

Take to RC-ing insessantly, see if that does anything for you, and recite (and believe!) an LD orientated mantra before you go to sleep. It may take time, but one dream, it’ll just happen!

Best of Luck!

Right now I’ve been RCing and trying techniques but I usually just dose off doing a tech. I think I’m getting closer though. So I guess you should find something that seems to work for you and use it.:smile:

I agree completely; finding and tweaking the techniques that work best for you is all part of the challenge and the fun.

alrighty, thanks guys.

The WILD tech keeps me up also, i counted to a 100 about 3 times lol, except i got it once but i woke up in the middle of the night and for some reason SP kicked right in when i tried to go back to bed. Maybe you could some how wake yourself up about 2 hours later, but don’t wake up too much.

I made my first attempt at WILD last night. I hope it helps you somehow, and I just need to tell someone! :tongue:

At first I just did some auto-suggestion to wake myself up at 3am for about a minute while breathing deeply. Then I started counting: 1 (pause for 2 or 3 seconds) I’m dreaming (pause for 2 or 3 seconds) 2 etc. I just like to take it slow so that I can completely relax. I think when I got to about 40 or 45 I started seeing HI :woo: ! At around 55 I suddenly realized I had SP! :woo: :woo: ! Keep in mind this is my first WILD attempt. Although I had SP, I felt that if I really tried, I could move a bit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get past this point because I was really excited (I tried to stay calm) and my heart was beating pretty fast. My SP disappeared after a minute or so and eventually my HI went as well :sad:

Just a few extra notes:
My HI wasn’t very vivid. It was just a bunch of dark colors swirling around. I payed attention to them though.
At around 60 I stopped counting.
Afterwards I rolled over and my body felt really sluggish, but my mind was practically fully aware!
I woke up pretty aware in the middle of the night, but I’m not sure if it was at 3am.

I hope this helps :content:

Ok, i’m gonna write just about vibtrations :razz:

That have happened to me very many times, and it comes to me very easy. I did not knew what it was before i started with Lucid Dreaming.
I specially remember the first time this happened to me.
I had been swimming all the day so i was really tired when i went to bed. Then I suddenly felt these vibrations. I though’t ‘What is this? How am i gonna sleep now?’’ :razz:
I have found it relaxing by the time, and i enjoy the feeling.
I can’t get any closer with the vibrations. Maybe I just have to train, but i’m training WILD for now.

With a little more practise, and if you try to think that the vibrations fare unny or relaxing, then you can do it :wink: