im spinning around in circles but nothing happens

this is my first post so ill just say what i have to say.

ive been trying to ld for maybe 2 months now. i got something a while back where i fell asleep while i was in my dream… i did the RC where you hold your nose. when i realized i was lucid i woke up and went back into ND.

anyway at night while i try to sleep i lay down in bed and focus on my breathing… i count my breathing and somtimes i start to spin around in circles. i can feel my body moving in a direction but nothing happens from there. somtimes i spin for a while and i get exited so i do an RC but nothing happns as usual.

should i just wait things out? has this happend to anyone before?

I have had that happen quite a few times. I just pass it off as a stage of sleep. I assume you are trying to WILD since you talk about the gap between awake and sleep.

I would just stick to it. The more you stick with it, the more you will get used to it and eventually you won’t get over excited.

thanks for that ill stick to it. i just want to know what comes after the spinning part. i want to look forward to somthing. its hard to focus when im constantly thinking. IS THIS IT… AM I GOING LUCID…

also does meditation during the day help. i was in my exam today and i was sitting trying to take in my suroundings. focusing on my breathing. does this help become lucid at night… any tips on meditation??? am i doing it right

I don’t know anything about meditation at all. Since learning about WILD I have kind of thought that meditation is just a mild WILD.

Most likely after the spinning you are going to go into sleep paralysis. Your body will get tingly and start to feel like its vibrating. Probably minor audio hallucinations too if you havn’t had them with how far you have gotten. They can sometimes be visual.

Find a good WILD tutorial and read through it. Are you doing the wake back to sleep meathod at all? That helps a ton with WILD because when you wake yourself up and read about lucid dreaming, and you try to go to sleep again, your brain tries to move right into the stage of sleep where you have REM. Go to the Big Wild Topic and check that out.

Hi sublime_spot3, and welcome to ld4all :wave:

Perhaps you should try a more simple technique such as MILD. Or as downward suggest combine WILD with the WBTB method.

With more simple techniques you usually do not noticed a “transistion” through the sleep stages. So you would never notice the “spinning/rolling” or other phases.

I have pretty good luck with MILD method by just setting my intentions as “I’m going to remember my dreams and become lucid.” I try to make this the last thought on my brain, and then just go to sleep comfortably. I don’t spend time counting breaths or numbers, I just go to sleep with my intention.

I hope you have a dream journal ready! Goodluck! :smile:

slpooge man! whats up? (sublime_spot3 has joined the evergrowing “team” of LDers thanks to a good talking to by me during a science lesson) public schools are great huh? - thank YOU Mr Howard!

Anywayz man i dunno if i told u at school or not but try hypnosis, there are some good topics somewhere on the forum just do a search, ive been trying it for a while and it gets me soo relaxed when im trying wild that i can barely move, its feels as tho ive sunk into my bed and thats only after like 5-10 minutes so yeah give that a go it might be the answer to your excitment prob. If not, then oh well keep trying cos you’re doing a whole lot better then i was after 2 months. oh yeah another LD last night! wait i think i already told u(or was i dreaming? cant remember)

good luck :cool:

When you get to the point where you feel your body bing pulled in a direction you are getting very close. When you get to that point you have to let go of your thoughts. The problem is being too awake. Keep practicing with it. The WBTB method mentioned above does help you go through this faster.

Don’t be afraid of the spinning or falling sensations. You can actually use them as a technique by making yourself spin and use that to focus on.

Good luck and happy dreaming

thanks to everyone for their posts. ill try WBTB as soon as things at school start to settle down (not like ive been trying anyway)

Don’t move! This sensation is due to your body falling asleep. If you get an itch, ignore it, because it is fake. Your body sends messages to your brain to see if it’s awake. If you stay still long enough it should fall asleep.

If you can not do WBTB right now there is nothing wrong with trying at bed time. It is important that you stay consistent with your technique and practice every day.

I sometimes have spinning, falling or floating exeperiences too… I usually find myself in a dreamscene shortly after, but sometimes just wake up.

I say you should stick with it, and maybe try visualizing a dreamscene.

THANKS TO EVEYONES HELP!!! i havent ld’d yet but lastnight was amazing. i know i was almost there. i started VIBRATING!!! i know thats the next step and then it felt like my eyes were having seisures… strange isnt it… thanks eveyone for their help