I'm stuck.. Half-way there but.. stuck.

´Hiya ^^
So here’s the thing-
I’ve been doing this lucid dreaming practice for a while now (after a long break) but now it seems that I’m stuck on the edge of it.
These few past nights I’ve recognized wierd things and happenings, but I never realize that I’m dreaming- I simply accept it and move on.
Here’s what happened last night for example:
A skateramp has been built at my school and some guys are trying it out. For some reason I know that it’s been built using cheap wooden material, and all the sudden one of the wooden boards on the ramp break and another one gets lifted up, and one of the skaters gets it right in his stomach. I think that “Ow that must hurt” and all the sudden I’ve traded place with the guy, so I’m the injured one, and I look at the wound on my stomach and think “Wait, how come I’m the wounded one all the sudden? I wasn’t even on the ramp.”, but that’s it, I come to accept it and the dream continues.

IT’S ANNOYING! I’ve had serveral dreams just like that one in the past few days. I want to realize that I’m dreaming! xD

That does sound irritating. :tongue: Although at least it means your thought processes are closer to getting lucid. :grin: Other than encouraging yourself to think critically during the day, I can’t really think of anything to suggest. Hope that helps :smile:

I know exactly what you mean!

I got over it by adjusting my reality checks. The purpose of RCs are to get your mind into a state of doubt, so that when ANYTHING happens, not only obvious things, your first reaction is to wonder if it’s a dream.

I’m sure you know this, but as a reminder:
Reality checking.

  1. Stop what you are doing and observe the world around you. Pretend it’s a dream world. Really ask yourself “Am I dreaming?” Wonder it, be open to the idea that you ARE dreaming. The lucid state is as vividly clear and detailed as reality, so in actuallity, there’s a good chance that you are dreaming.

  2. Check. Do a reality check or two, not expecting one outcome or the other, but just as an objective way to check.

  3. Repeat. This is where I got over the problem of not innitially thinking about the possibility of me being asleep. The more you do meaningful reality checks, the more natural the questioning will become in your dreams.

When you start having regular lucid dreams this is never an issue. Eventually you will be able to recognize a dream state before you even do a RC, but even then you need to keep them up. Dream recall and Reality checks are your foundation, and without them, even if you train in WILD or MILD, the lucid state will gradually become harder and harder to attain. Take it from someone who used to lucid dream every night, without dream recall or RCs, you will not attain lucidity fluidly or spontaneously. You may be able to induce one, but if you want them to come naturally, these two are absolutly vital.

Good luck, happy dreaming :grin:

Yeah, I am familiar with reality checking ty :razz:
Hah, nah, but yeah, I think I’ll start with a second rc and try to question my reality a bit more often. And I was nearly insulted when you said what you did about dream recall being one of the foundations to lucid dreaming but then I figured I would have said the same thing if I would have been to answer this question :razz:

But yeah, I guess my way of checking my reality might be one of the reasons to why I do not realize it’s a dream, so I’ll look into it.

Thanks :smile: