Im Stuck!

Hy I have been tring for I don’t know how long and other than mild SP I have gotten no progress. Should I stop tring for a WILD and try getting a normal “dreamsign” LD. Maybe my problem is that I just want to LD too bad. And if that is the case I will never have a LD since LD ing is like a wish I had come true. I serriously thought of the dream world that can be just as real as ours except with no limits, then once I found that you could retain RL concinsness I was… flaberghasted (I can’t think of a word appropriate enough)

haha, it is true that often people have their first LD when they give up trying, you should at least try achieving lucidity in ways other than WILD

and the numb feeling you get when laying still for a while isn’t SP, that’s just your senses fading because they’re not interesting to feel anymore(lol, not really, but whatever, it’s not SP, if you get SP, you can’t move anymore) but you should try different techniques like MILD DILD etc etc

Hmm. I’m not sure if this was a crucial part of the experience for me or not, but try instead of WILD to just take a short naps (2-4 hours) a couple of times a week, and see how your dreams are, if they are Vivid and sometimes LD. I spent a good month napping randomly and having vivid dreams before I accidentally started a WILD. If I go into it expecting to much then I usually don’t succeed either, so I view your failure at this point as a good thing in that respect. Take it slow, and begin with full sleeping and increasing your recall of these dreams and/or try to do reality checks in them to become lucid, before you go right into a WILD technique.

ok I have looked and I can’t find much on DILD methods. Not to mention dream recall methods considering I have dropped to about 0 dream recall.

In my opinion, the best way to induce DILDs is auto-suggestion/MILD.
That and reality checking/questioning reality throughout the day.
All my lucid dreams have been DILDs and it seems to work just fine.

look at the custom title. I am going to keep that untill I get an LD. So I better get an LD fast!!

The last thing you want to do is start stressing out. Be patient, follow your methods, DJ’s, and RC’s religiously, and you should find lucidity soon enough. If not, take a week or so break from the whole thing and come back into it with renewed confidence. It isn’t that hard, it just takes a while.

Keep it up! :ok: I believe in you! :cheer:

Im just joking :happy: :happy: :happy: , I am cool :cool: I am very patient

Welli have never done a WILD it is my next goal though. Well anyway the WILD techniqe may just not work for you. Almost all of mine are from MILDs or just natural. (it’s in my blood. my mom gets at least one a night) i also accomplished to notice a difference in life and my dream when dreaming. So yea i recomend the MILD or WBTB which i also havn’t done… damn school.

Yeah, you should wait a while before trying WILD and being dependant on it. I only achieved WILD LD basically by accident. I found that DILD or CALD is the way to go. Although WILD is a neat experience, it isn’t worth the struggle in the beggining.


I had an LD using FILD and it only took 3 days! However it lasted just 1-2 seconds and my memory of it is so cloudy I am wondering if it all was a ND

Yeah sometime when I can’t remember a LD very well I wonder if it was all a ND, but I’m pretty sure if you can remember being aware that you were dreaming and stuff, it was probably a LD.

but it was a very short dream it was like 1-5 seconds, I can’t remember exactly, but here is what happened. First I was moving my fingers like described in the FILD topic. I did a nose RC and guess what!!! I could breath through my plugged nose. I got excited because just because of how weird it was, but i don’t think I knew it ment I was lDing for the first time. Anyways I got so excited before any scenery appeared I heard a weird noise in my neck (I think :confused: ) and my neck jerked to the right. Then I don’t remember :confused: but i either woke up then fell asleep OR I just fell asleep without waking up. I did remember two ND’s that night that night for the first time in 3 weeks. :confused:

eep… why do people always want to do it the hardest and toughest way possible :confused: no attack meant , but WILD is among the hardest conventional techniques for archiving LD’s … i would strongly advise you to turn your seeking gaze toward MILD and look there for your lucid dreams till you have them in a at least regular basis … (lets say … 1 every two month or once a month ? ) then you could add in WBTB and from that you can start on the steep way towards WILD … ok… maybe that was a bit pathetic…

but I thought FILD was the easiest way to go

wow i didnt know WILD was that hard to achieve!!

Actually, a select few individuals find WILD to be very easy/natural for them.
Unfortunately, after four years of off-and-on agony, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not one of them. :sad: :content:

Personally, I’m going for WILD first because I’m really interested in sleep paralysis too >_>

Specifically, I think I’ve had SP once, and I want to try to get back there again to see if it really was SP. Trouble is I think I’ve caught a cold or something and my throat’s really sore, which gets in the way of my attempts.

I know how difficult it apparently is, but I’m getting there so it must be possible to start with WILD. On the other hand, I agree that it’d probably be a hundred times easier with a different technique :razz:

Yeah I’ve tried to WILD the past few nights, but no success. The only times I’ve ever WILD’ed were times when I wasn’t even planning to LD, it just kind of happened. I think tonight I might try FILD or MILD.

Also, do you think taking a sleeping pill would help me LD or even increase my dream length? Because my brother has sleeping pills (just random OTC ones) and I feel like taking one just to see if it will help. Mainly just because I usually take 1-2 hours to get to sleep, and I’ve heard some people can fall asleep in 5 minutes…

Well some get LD’s before they here about them… I am not one of them I have to work hard to get an LD I figured that much out in my couple months here