I'm too gullible in my dreams, DILD wont work

So i’ve been trying to have a lucid dream for about a year and a half now without any succes.
The problem is that everytime things in my dreams become ‘‘odd’’ i will perceive it as normal.
Now i know our sence of logic is turned off while we’re sleeping… so this is supposed to happen, but even when doing reality checks i will just think ‘‘i am supposed to have 13 fingers’’ or ‘‘i’m always able to breathe under water’’
Just last night i had a dream in wich i was standing in front of the mirror, and i noticed my hair was quite long and i missed half my teeth… even when feeling my hair 5 seconds later and noticed it was short again… and being really bothered by my teeth… nothing seemed odd enough to make me realise what was going on.
I’m also having quite some trouble trying to WILD, since i am just WAAYY too groggy after waking, so i never even remember to try untill its too late and i can’t continue sleeping.

How am i supposed to LD when i cant recognise my dreams, no matter how odd they get? :confused:
and believe me i’ve had some crazy dreams… like flying in bubbles slaying dragons with boobs crazy :eh:

Well, I can address the first problem. I get that as well. My last dream involved me living in palace standing right next to those little houses on my street and i thought it was normal. I worked around the problem in following dream next day (my 1st lucid one) by doing an RC in the dream. The breathing through pinched nose RC seemed to work for me. Instead of relying on dream signs, you should try to buff up with some really reliable RC s . There are numerous tables on internet that can help you choose reliable RC. As to the WILD problem, well I can’t say much as I’m having exactly the same difficulty. I just wake up after 4 h, go to bathroom, read for 10 min, yet i still fail to WILD by falling asleep straight away. Good luck with lucid dreaming! :smile:

The “not-believing-your-in-a-dream” problem pops up every now and again, but the only answer I have is your focus.
The greater your perception of the things around you, the greater your chance of achieving lucidity. Now, seeing as you’ve been trying for a year and a half, I would say it probably shouldn’t be as easy as that. Your perception would have to be extremely low, but believing these kinds of things while in a dream just proves that.

Try and increase your level of focus while dreaming, and see how that works. If you notice your starting to believe more dreamsigns, or at least believe them “a bit more” than you used to, then keep practicing that. Otherwise, I’m not sure what would solve it.

Here’s a tip: This happens to me sometimes. I just miss dream signs, like me looking at my OWN baby pictures and those pictures never existed and they were not me and I know how I look like as a baby, believe me. It was a different person. But I believed it. It’s called missing DS 's . Don’t worry, you just need to reality check in real life.

So mark down all your DS 's that you missed and the next time they come upon you IRL like… The next time I see my baby pics I will not do a reality check. That’s a good method to get rid of this gullibleness

i try to remember dreamsigns, but ive noticed this is really hard since my dreams are always completely different. i actually only got one, wich is being on top of skyscrapers, but this NEVER occurs to me during dreams, im a different person with different memories. period. just like this night, i was at this party at a penthouse about half a mile high, and me and a friend noticed we could fly, so we carefully flew a bit from building to building, and then we lost the ability. i cant even explain how mind boggling it was, i just kept asking myself how the fck is this possible? while jumping up and down trying to take off again. and a few days ago i watched this girl i was talking to suddenly grow a goatee in just a few seconds… i was disgusted by it but when i started asking questions i just woke up instantly, before i could awnser myself. im trying to increase my ADA, so that one day i might actually recognise a DS, since WBTB is a no go for me, i got hypersomnia so when i wake up im basically a zombie wich doesnt know anything for at least an hour and acts purely on basic instincts, trying to lucid dream isnt one of them… could this be the problem? ive always been the deepest sleeper i know, new years eve cant wake me up, slapping me in the face wont wake me up… am i just too distant from my waking self and memories?

Ah. I remember I read a quote about a Lucid Dreamer who had an insight
the insight was simple, yet its sheer truth was kind of awe inspiring. Only in a dream, I suppose.

But before I tell you what it is, let me address your personal and specific problem. You say you are trying to raise your ADA. I am reading an interesting book called “24 Hour Lucid Dreaming” the book itself has absolutely nothing to do with Lucid dreaming like the title suggests. It is about Lucid Living. Being Lucid while awake is just as hard as being lucid in a dream. See, we live most of our lives on auto-pilot. We do things as we have done it a million and one times. It seems so simple, we can live our life and worry about the future at the same time. It’s a great thing, really, otherwise we would be overloaded, however, we need to reverse the process in order to be more AWARE of what we are doing.

try focusing on your thoughts. What are you thinking right now? Why are you thinking that? Who is thinking that? Is it you who’s thinking that? What made you think that? Introspection. See how far down you can go. Go as far as possible. That, my friend, is becoming Lucid while you’re awake.
ADA isn’t just a means towards lucid dreaming. It is an ends on its own. To be perfectly honest, in order to understand ADA you must first be familiar with the lucid dream realm, because you will not truly understand how unsubstantial waking reality is until you have experienced a dream which feels more real than reality itself. Then you will understand what it means to dream. Our waking lives are just as much a dream as our sleeping dreams. ADA isn’t about lucid dreaming, but it helps, ADA is about realizing that this is maya, or, an illusion. It’s a tough concept to explain, but you will understand when you’ve become familiar with the concept of lucidity.

Anyway, I guess you only read this far to figure out what the insight was that I told you about earlier. It’s so simple, it’s funny, you’re going to be disappointed

“We can only be as aware in our dreams as we are in waking.”