I'm trying hard, but I'm not able

hi, I’m 15 and I tryed for the last month to have a lucid dream. I tryed to make a logbook about my dreams, but I was a bit tired after 1-2 week ^^. now, I can remeber a dream per 1-2night, when i try. I never succeed in doing a lucid dream, because I can’t find a category of dream, they are all too different each other. Do somone ahve another way to become lucid than in the guide?
Thanks alot and I wish I didn’t done too much errors, english isn’t my main language ^^ ty for your help again

With the dream journal, you have to keep at it to have any hope of having a lucid dream. For every single night you should have some record. If you have trouble getting anything, before you go to sleep, repeat to yourself that you will remember your dreams, and when you wake up, lay still with your eyes closed and remind yourself that you want to remember your dreams, and rake your mind for anything, even key words. Remember: an entry for every day. VERY occasionally you wont have a single thing, but look at it as a dry patch, rather than the norm.
As for the style, avoid WILD, and go for MILD. Use any technique really in combination with the WBTB method, as this brings you close to REM sleep.
All in all, its a matter of keeping at it. Think of it as building a muscle. If you “get tired” after 1 or 2 weeks, your ability will stop growing.
Hope this helps… Im an amateur myself, but this is based of extensive reading, anybody who thinks I have made a factual error, feel free to correct me.

Thanks, it will help me for sure, i was thinking it was only a complement the logbook ^^ i’ll try to continue!

Definitely stick with the Dream Journal. It can be a lot of work but this is what helps maintain the connection between your waking life and dream life. Try to enjoy the experience of learning what your dreams are like. Skim over your journal before falling asleep and think about all of the dreams you’re going to remember tonight.

I understand that you haven’t had much luck finding dream signs yet, but that’s okay. I’ve found many dream signs over time but they aren’t really what I use to achieve lucidity in most cases. They help but they are not the only way.

If you are looking for a good recipe for lucid dreaming, I recommend the following three-pronged approach:

A Dream Journal is extremely useful for more reasons that simply recording your dreams:
by writing down your dreams you will also become more aware of them and focus more on the details in them, which is quite obviously directly related to becoming lucid.
And even if you exclude that direct connection to lucidity it is still useul in that it allows you to notice common themes in your dreams, which makes it easier to associate those specific things with being in a dream, and always perform reality checks etc whenever you notice those things in real life.

And I also recommend Lucid Living.
It’s fantastically meditative to just pretend that you are in a dream (yup, LD’s can be that realistic) and then become excited when you imagine that you can do literally anything you want in an environment that has such great realism.

Ty guys, i made importance to my journal and its the first time i remebered 2 dream in the same night! In the good way i think