I'm trying to get LUCID again


I haven’t had an LD in the LONGEST time. Since I’d say about August.

It’s sucked man, it’s totally sucked. I have had TONS of dreams, every night I’m recalling two dreams or more. I’ve stopped recording them because I stopped getting lucid dreams and I started to get depressed.

Well, I want to get LUCID again. I used to use the WILD method and I’d be able to get to sleep paraylsis EVERY night. Now I can’t even induce SP anymore which sucked so much because I’ve been able to do that since I was 10.

One big change in my life is my lifestyle totally.

I moved out of my parents house. My hygene has changed. I shower twice a day as opposed to once a week. I’ve gotten a job. I went from a TWIN size bed to a queen size bed with an ACTUAL box spring matress. Before my bed was just a matress on the floor. I’ve even found religion(former atheist) and I pray every night and soon will attend church(it’s too far for me to attend at the moment).

So my life has literally taken a 180 degree turn for the better. The only thing is I lost the ability to lucid dream and because of this, I’m depressed. Despite all the good that has happened to me, I’m depressed. I’ve decided to attribute my depression for my unabillity to LD

Someone told me that once I started LDing my mind would start doing it passivly and I’d never be able to quit. Well this couldn’t be farther from the truth, I’ve been attempting a WILD multiple times a week and I just can’t LD.

What should I do? Should I try WBTB? Should I try MILD? Should I just give up?

Here’s how my sleeping conditions have changed.

My former room was just a matress, computer, and television. There was a LOUD industrial sized fan I had on the floor. It was extremely loud but for some reason it seemed to help me get to sleep faster despite the noise.

My new room there is a queen sized bed on a box spring complete with sheets and a comfoter. My pillows have changed from cotton filled to feather filled and my fan has changed from a loud fan on the floor to a quiet one on the ceiling. Also I moved from a town house to a seperate house that is about one mile from the everglades. It gets much darker here and is much more quiet.

Could my inability to LD be because of my new surroundings? Wouldn’t my current setting actually be a better environment for lucid dreaming?

And the biggest change… no more parents to pester me anymore. They told me my whole life “at 18 we’re kicking you out.” Well I hit 18 and they told me they were just joking and I could stay… well I cashed in on my trust fund and bought my own house.

What’s wrong?

(sorry for this extra long post, I’ve been absent from these boards for the longest time)

Well, it is ALWAYS harder to get to sleep in a different bed with different surroundings. It won’t be something that will help you much.

Never give up. Choose a technique, stick to it for a while… like two weeks. Do reality checks, keep a DJ, all that crazy stuff.

Once you get a couple LDs you’ll get more faster and easier. You just have to get used to your bed and relax. Once you relax the surroundings won’t really matter much.

Hey garlic Long time no see!

Sounds like youve really gotten your life straightened out, thats good to hear. Hope everything works out for you.

ive just gottened started back, i was getting frusterated and school started so i really just couldnt LD, But im back and ready to go.

So anyway Happy LDing!

Hmm… I say that there are a few facotrs attributing to your inability to LD. One of them is probably you’re new surrondings and your just getting used to them so its harder to concentrate.

The other factor I’d say is hurting you is that you don’t seem at all confident that you can have LD’s. After all if you don’t believe you can have LD’s theres not much chance you will.

So I’d personally recommened just trying to regain your confidence, convince yourself that this isn’t difficult and that you can do it.

Oh, by the way welcome back, and does it normally take a long time for you to fall asleep or a short time


It used to take me upwards of 30 minutes to get to sleep.

Now I fall asleep about 5 minutes after hitting the matress.

As for my attempts last night. I tried to WILD 6 times last night. I didn’t have SP or any HH at all but I did get two good dreams in, didn’t log them because I would have had to gotten up to get my LD and when ever I get up it’s harder for me to get to sleep.

Well, I have to go to work now… which before I never had to do.

First, I want to congratulate you on the dramatic change in your life! I remember the situation you were in and it takes great courage to make the changes you did. :good:

Now back to the topic:

Major changes can sometimes lead to lucid dry spells. Some time ago I moved to a new apartment had to buy new furniture including a new bed which was nowhere near as comfortable as my old king sized bed. I went through a dry spell that lasted for some time. However, once I got used to my new environment my lucid dreams came back. You not only changed you address but your hole life. Give yourself time to adjust and settle in. However, don’t give up on your lucid dreams. Keep practicing and they will come back. It is just a matter of time.

I can’t produce any HH or SP while attempting to WILD

I used to be able to do it whenever I felt like it, now I cannot

It’s getting frusturating. Recalling dreams is not a problem, getting lucid is.

If WILD isn’t working for you one way or the other you might want to give a technique such as MILD or VILD a try. It soesn’t hurt to give several techniques a try.

You could start with MILD or VILD and then when you wake up later in the night try WILD.

The extra time you gain sleeping with the more comfortable bed sounds good for WBTB. If you didn’t sleep enough previously to try WBTB, perhaps you could now?