Im working on a revolutionary dream device, help needed?

Hi guys

I have been working on a new and exciting project, a true revolution in a LD mask. I have been designing my own technology behind this, it works and the results are great. Right now i am nowhere near to releasing this, i have run into some problems, firstly the main technology works, but i am no electrical engineer, i am just learning as i go.

The final version will be built on a flexible PCB, it will be built into a rubber sleep mask that bends to the contours of your skin, so you can truly sleep on both sides, and front and back.

In the final design i hope to get the PCB down to a size of just 2 cm x 2 cm and 0.5 cm thick including a tiny battery.

Right now something i really need to know, i am getting the LED’s for each eye to flash, but they are flashing constantly i know that i would need to have some device on the PCB that would allow the device to be set to stop flashing after say 5 flash cues, but my question is what is the name of this device that i would need?

I am trying to make this device work on USB version 1.0 which is also compatible with USB 2.0 ports. Infact i think USB 1 the latest version is 1.3 but i may be wrong. Please correct me on this?

The idea behind my sleep mask, is that it will be sleek, very small and it uses 2 ways that detect REM, There will also be a software upgrade that will make it into a light and sound machine. My plan is to have it being able to plug to USB and able to transfer sleep data to a PC and Mac. But with all this USB connection it does mean learning how to program unless someone would be interested to program for the device.

I will be looking for a clean software GUI that’s very easy to use where you can program how you want the cues to be sent for the night, then you can send that back to the device via USB to be save on it’s built in flash memory. All ready to be used at night, my plan is to also have a rechargeble battery that can be recharged either via a cable going into the mains and also able to be recharged while the unit is plugged into the PC drawing power directly from the PC or Mac.

So i hope you guys can help me on this device and answer my questions

many thanks


That’s a very exciting project indeed. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to sell these? Hmmm?

I’m sure you’d make bank, there’s plenty of a market for it.

I have absolutely no plans to sell these, not yet. I still have a really long way to go with this project.

Even when i do plan to sell, the products technology will need to be patented. I also hope to raise capital either privately or through a line of investors that will get an equity share in my product for the life of the device.

I will be selling this for no more than $99.99

I hate the rip offs you get with devices like the dreammaker basic which is $500 but at a introductory price of $250 for now and the same with their pro version $500 now and later they say it will be $1000. Then we were ripped off with Novadreamer and supernovadreamer for years, with prices between 600 and 275 dollars over time. Then you have the remdreamer which doesn’t seem very good and that’s at 147 dollars.

My device will be a true revolution, all these dream devices don’t cost much to make, but people tend to rip you off with prices. Then Stephen LaBerge said that price is high as the profit goes into research, but over the years not much research has come out of his company and applied to anything. All company’s play on words, i plan to really do something about this market.

My dream device works, is very reliable, 2 methods of technologies to cue you into a lucid dream, 2 methods of detecting rem, a light and sound machine, no more batteries, just a built in rechargble one. So it really is an incredible device.

anyway enough of that, anyone that can help answer my questions in the first post would be great, any help much appreciated.

Many thanks

Just make sure you’re not violating any copyright laws or anything as such with products such as the NovaDreamer and other such projects…Im not really sure about all that kinda stuff. :neutral:

As far as i know right now, i am not violating any copyright laws. All current dream devices so far have relied on certain ways to detect rem, my device works on something incredibly different, which i am sure nobody has even thought of. But i must at some point get a patent search done. Right now i believe it’s really unique and it works which is great for something that isn’t that long in the project.

What i really need from you guys, it better understand the rem stage, can anybody join me in an experiment. I need volunteers to sleep while there eyes are being filmed, i need a few different people to do this so i can get an idea of the movement of the eyes from person to person. Also to find out just exactly how they move under freeze framing the video footage.

Please if someone can do this it would be a gret help, and please answer my questions from the first post i made.

many many thanks

This divice reminds me of someting from the computer/x-box vidio game “Dreamfall”.

Hope it works.

You need people to record their eyes during sleep? Do you need a high quality or just web cam quality?

Hi The Mad Hatter,

I would need high quality videos of the eye movements, but not everyone can offer that so webcam can be good as well as long as it’s close to the eyes, and clear quality. But of course you can’t get the best quality with a webcam but it will do.

If you can help that would be great, thanks

Hmm, The next question would be how to light it. Any ideas?

how to light it?

easy, go to bed with the lights on, or with a desktop light and sleep on your back or side with the webcam close to you pointing at your eyes, try not to move too much while you fall asleep and record the nights footage onto the hard drive of your PC.

Might be overkill but you could always pry out the ir-block filter in your webcam and then buy a bunch of cheap IR-leds that you light up your face with, that way you wont be disturbed by the light. Picture will be in B/W but what the hell.

Any arguments why it would work better than the usual devices?
What’s your normal rate and the rate of LDs you get with the device on?

Also, any idea of when it could be released (a ball-park figure is fine… like, after 6 months, a year, two years, fourty years, whatever). :wink: