Ima virgin at LDing..... Need to know the ropes!

Not so sure what or how to have LD’s or how to gain enough control, sometimes I know that I am in a dream and I wake myself up so that’s gotta be a start.

There are many methods to get lucid.You should have read something about them by now.If not, then search for them and use the one you like the best :wink:
Yeah, some people wake up when they get lucid.That’s probably because of the excitement.You need to calm down, then do a reality check, or rub your hands to stay in the dream…

Probably the best method is the DEILD technique. It’s EXTREMELY easy. Use the timer on and set it up to go off about 3 hours after you go to sleep, then every hour or so. I prefer about every 15 or 30 minutes, but this can mess up your sleep if you are not careful. Whenever the timer goes off, don’t move, don’t even open your eyes, and pretend you are asleep, this should cause you to enter a WILD. If it doesn’t work, you should remember many more dreams for they are constantly being interrupted. Good luck!