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How about a thread where anyone can put anything that helps harness one’s personal mood of dreaming? Can be music/music videos, art/poems (yours or anyone else’s), random pics…whatever seems to somehow express the inexpressible essence of dreaming

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Here’s a recent favorite song with video that seems to capture that elusive mood for me :smile:

M83 - Wait

Pretty unique music video from M83’s album “Hurry up, we’re dreaming” :content:

Wow, beautiful song and vid. Seems to capture something the mood of the search for that dreamed frozen planet you mention…and the lovely minimalist drawing you made to represent it :smile:

Reminds me of another music vid someone shared with me years ago, of which I don’t understand a word, but the images say it all :smile:

This vid reminds me of a frequent motif I stumble upon in dreaming…one of eerie, liquid movement. Sometimes, in dreaming, I’ll find myself making movements similar to this as if to try to engender that element. I’m not this good though…dreaming or otherwise :wink:

I definitely prefer the more bright, clear, joyful and luminous dreams, when I’m lucky enough to have them. But sometimes dreaming that’s of the more somber, ethereal variety can have it’s own beauty too.

Occasionally, in dreaming, I’ll encounter DC’s, animals, entities, objects which manifest a distinctly strange element of energy, color, clarity and movement so intense that it sets itself apart from the rest of the dream in a way that makes a powerful impression.

This quirky, ebullient little spider seems to embody that quality quite well!

This song brings something of those inexplicable diverging/merging/inter-weaving impulses. To endlessly explore…to return home, wherever that may be. I long for both, somehow. Did I ever really leave? I pretend to navigate celestial trade routes…cultivating all these ineffable interactions that emerge like luminous ghosts, from nowhere behind closed eyes. Strange attractors. Having submerged into the thick of it, who could ever say “it’s just a dream”?

The sound of silence

This song captures a mood that I feel during many dreams. It feels like everyone else I know has moved on without me, and I am left to wander on my own. I do not regard this as a negative feeling, but rather a feeling of closure and content. I come to terms with my situation and accept that I am alone.

Beautiful and powerful version of that song :smile:

Dreaming, lucid or otherwise, has been a marvelous and magical venue for coming to terms with the inevitability of failure…this desire to perpetuate my sense of self at all costs.

“Sooner or later, your legs give you hit the ground…”

(Forgive a middle aged man’s compulsion to dig through the nostalgia of the 80’s :tongue: :content: )

The works of Maribeth Solomon and Brent Barkman for the interactive fiction game Fallen London and Sunless Sea are as dream Victorian gothic as it gets.