Immortality through Lucid Dreams.

Research has shown that after your body dies, your brain remains active for about 10 mins, and is in a sort of dream state. A 10 miniute dream would feel like days or weeks to the dreamer. If one was an extremely experienced lucid dreamer, so much so that he could go lucid at will, and recognize any dreamsign instantly, could he become lucid during this after death dream, and use teqniques to prolong the dream, such as BenDrummin’ lucid pill idea([url]The Lucid Pill]) to prolong the LD to the point of feeling like years or centuries(this would not prolong the actual time you are dreaming, seeing as your brain will shut down, because you are dead. It would make the 10 or so mins you are dreaming feel alot longer)? This can never be tested, but I think it makes sense. Could this be a key to immortality?

Maybe. It sounds like a great idea for when I die! lol

Maybe you could even force yourself alive again somehow if you’re concious in your dreams!

That is a very interesting question. I like your way of thinking Shaman. I think we almost definitly could make the dream feel like years have passed, but I don’t think infinity is possible. Also, since we still operate relatively at ‘real time’ in our dreams, I think the longer we prolonge the time, the less substance it will have, but will be more like flashes. Our brains can only process information so fast.
Also, your saying the key to immortality might be to stay in the dream state forever, which is all in your mind. In that case, your might just as well let your body go because your spirit is ‘immortal’ anyway. But that last dream could be very helpful in ways.

Just a thought I always had when it comes to length in dreams… I wonder if dreams really last that long. I kind of think that those really long dreams that some people get weren’t really dreams at all but just implanted memories/thoughts/feelings given to you by the mind when you wake up. You just think you dreamed them… but those feelings and thoughts are just manufactured by your SC/ mind.

Anyway… just a thought.

It would be nice if it were true, that’s for sure :smile:
However I don’t think we know enough about the brain, alive or dying, to really conclusively tell if something like this would actually happen…so I won’t get my hopes up :content:

I didn’t know that the brain remained active so long after death. If this is true, I suppose it might be possible to become lucid in this time and prolong the experience, perhaps even for hours or weeks (or years…?). But of course immortality can’t be reached this way. Immortality is the state of living forever, and your brain cannot fit an infinite amount of thought into ten minutes. Don’t forget that dreaming is a physical process in the real world–electrical signals have to fire, chemicals have to get to the right places.

I know that there are theories about the nature of “prolonged” dreams–namely, that our brains prolong dreams by leaving out time periods that we deem unimportant, as television does. So some of you may be thinking that this process would allow us to dream for a seemingly infinite amount of time. But infinity wit gaps is still infinity. Think about if you took all the numbers that exist–you’d have an infinite amount of numbers, right? Now let’s say you took out all the numbers with 2 included as a digit. You’d still have an infinite amount of numbers.

Unfortunately, this means an infinitely long dream simply isn’t possible in a finite lifetime. So immortality? No. Seemingly prolonged life? Perhaps. We’ll never know until we get to try it ourselves. :wink:

This is a theroy. I was speaking as if all of these things can happen, such as a dream being prolonged to the extreme, so that it feels like centuries. It does make sense though, right?

Yes, it does make sense–assuming that the mental state just after death is really as dreamlike as we’d like to think it might be.

Centuries…well, there was that one guy who said he had a 100-year-long LD. When he dies, maybe he’ll be able to achieve the goal you’re talking about. Most of the rest of us might be able to get a week or so. :wink: Purely hypothetical, of course.

Now, this sounds very weird(no offense) - but interesting…worth trying, just hope that you die with an intact brain, and not with your head smashes to a pulp :meh:

Yeah…a bullet through the head would probably limit your LDing capabilities. :wink:

I don’t think that’s true. I’ve had many LD’s using the “get shot in the face teqnique”. :tongue:

But yes, you’re right. All this is assuming your brain is intact, and now that you mention it, free from dementia and other degenerative diseases of the brain.

The closest way to try is trying to make a LD longer(while alive)…
But, I cant even get a LD xD

Shot in the face technique, you crazy guy you. That was pretty funny. Well, it took long enough for someone to come up with such an obvious experiment Machician. Good job.

When we’re dreaming, our memory of past dream events can be really bad. So when the scene jumps to something else, maybe a few days or weeks into the future we won’t feel as if any time has gone by because we’ve forgotten everything before this moment.

I believe dreams can be prolonged a certain amount, but there must be a limit :confused:

I don’t know if there is a limit. If there is one thing I have learned from LD’s, it is that there are no limits, just lack of practice. I am not talking about physically prolonging a dream, by the way. I am talking about making it feel longer in your head.

mmm i have started to read enough about this to really start thinking about it. Do i think it is possible to extend time to an infinate time just after the body dies? no.

i think that you could make it feel like you are lasting a long time, but there would be a limit to it. Even with advanced techs, i think that seeing the brain isnt gettnig anypower, eventually it will die like verything else, and so too will your dreaming. As dreaming takes power just like everything else.

But atm i am fence sitting in a way as well. I have never acutlaly extended time a lot in dreams, i have a little but never a lot, so until i can atempt it i wont actually take a place here, but i am in two thoughts i guess.

  1. you could live forever in your mind after death, as your body shuts down your brain goes into shock, chemicals are released that are only released twice in your life, once at birth once at death, and then boom you are in a lucid dream, the “after life” where you live in that state for 10 minutes real time but in your dream time it is eternity.

  2. you can only live in that state until your brain runs out of power, either thats going to be 10 minutes, or faster because you are fireing a lot more chemials around a lot more power is used to create an infinate amount of thoughts and in this process you actually “kill” your self a lot quicker then you would if u didnt.

wow i am glad that this cant be proved till death this is going to be a quesiton that is going to haunt me. THANKS GUYS!!! :ohno: :dark: :rip:

In addition we don’t know what is after life , maybe its more interesting then Dreaming.

I could never see why people don’t want to die. This may sound weird, but because of the questions we have brought up here, and many others, I want to die. Not right now, and not for a long time, but I look forward to it, I just wanna see what happens.

Totally! It’s fascinating to think of because our physcial bodies can make it hard for us to be in contact with our intuitive selves, but once it’s gone we’ll suddenly understand so many things that we couldn’t see before.
If anything, death’s kind of exciting, it’s pain I’m not too fond of.

Or we won’t learn any of the answers because we will cease to exist in any form; in which case we won’t care because we will cease to exist in any form… I’m not saying that is what happens when you die…but there is always the what if…

And in that case it seems scary but when you think of it…It wont matter because you wouldn’t have any thoughts or feelings… lol… let me know how you feel about this…wouldn’t it suck to not exist…but at the same time not suck…