im new here , as u can see
im freaking out
please someone help me
i have two things that happen top me all teh time

1)ill wake up , and my room is full of ppl and strangers, my room looks exactly th same, im wearing the same clothes, ther eare no lights on, just the moon light,
but im talking to them, im talking to these ppl ,and its soo natural, my eyes are open, im wide awake, i realise it teh middle of the night m and that im in my underwear , and my
is full of ppl but idont care, and i actually open my mouth and talk to these ppl
my mum came in once and stopped me, she said i was wide awake my eyes were wide openand i was talking


this has happened since i was about 5

i get it every few months, sometimes once a week

ill fall asleep , and see muddy sorta images, liek oil on a screen
and then the dream" my head" will go white, and im a little girl sitting on a bed, the room is stark white, and then the walss move back and theer is a spider in teh corner and it walks towrds me slowly , i cant move, and i cant scream, i try to wake up and i cant, , then the spider puts its legs on my neck and everythoing goes back and browns ,. like oil, and ill wake up with my hands around my neck chocking myself, and i cant let them go, its liek they are frozen

can someone please help me
these happen all teh time
and im starting to freak out

thank you


Hey! What you are experiencing is called “Night Terrors”. You can search google for that, and you will feel like you are just described on behalf of somebody else. I also think I visited a site specially for the phenomenon.

Some people think it is a brain wave problem, but the fact of the matter is that I used to have this myself from I was 4 (or as early as I can remember) till I was 12. And now, I some times have a similar thing, but I have learned to cope.

Night Terrors are often connected to hallucinating and sleep walking. Many people must learn to live with them their entire lives, and to recognize them. One story I remember being told is “She dreamt she was chased by a murderer. But she was actually sleep walking, and when the boyfriend(?) tried to catch her, she started screaming frantically “Don’t kill me!!””. Other people have put out beds with a fire extinguisher with their wife in it, because they saw that it was burning, but it wasn’t.

You will find many similar stories on Google. I used to have my room being converted into a garden, and the lamp into a fan, with a person swinging from it. A little girl would come to the bed and kick it, and I felt the whole bed shaking. I was wide awake! I also constantly saw through my eyelids.

Common hallucinations are snakes in the bed or on the floor, spiders and so on. Scary animals. Be happy you don’t live out some of the night terrors. Some people, who are caught by them, jump out windows, because they think the house is on fire. They end up in the garden, or outside the house wondering what happened.

Tip on how to get over these terrors; fight your fear of the terrors, and the dark in general. Do not fight the visions, they will only get stronger then, but fight the fear. Start meditating and I will give you another technique:

My GEAR technique (sounds stupid but works for me):

When I lay in bed, or when I meditate; when a bad thought, or fears rushes in, I imagine being in the wrong gear. I imagine changing gears to the “right track”. Then I think about something else. Each time the fear or anxiety returns, I change gears again. The bottom line; you are not your body, you are experiencing your body, so do not feel intimidated. Just protect your body with changing it’s gears :wink:

I am on #ld4all quite often, so if you are wondering about anything specific, or trying to make sence of the above, feel free to ask me :smile:

You might also seek for “sleep paralysis” or “old hag syndrome”-it looks to me like it,tho you dont mention actuall paralisis.
Advices given are good,just if you wanna know more check above terms:)
take care

I agree wth Jack - it sounds like HH to me.

I used to see flying creatures after I wake up…
It’s really harmless. Stay calm.
Some things I did when this happened to me: praying to Jesus and sprinkling some holy water in the bedroom. I haven’t seen them again since then.

As a side note: “Immute Nostral Agony” is a fantastic name for a band.

What do you call this monstrosity then?!

Hmmm… have you seen a doctor or a psychologist about this? Er, better lay off the specifics, like talking to a little girl. Oh by the way, your story sounds like part of a scary story… plus it sounds a lot like HH (HI) and maybe the occasional SP…

Nice poem by the way. Don’t mention the poem to the doctor/psychologist.
Oh yeah, welcome to the forum. As a last suggestion, maybe you can try to get lucid in these dreams. You can choose what to do from here: beat on the little girl, talk to the little girl about why you are having these dreams and perhaps ask for them to stop, or if you’re that kind of person…

Never mind. Never mind. Just go for lucidity.

What poem?

What the hell? I re-read the first post… and I do not know what poem…

There we go. It’s like rap talk. There is no poem… I was just stupid and registered the first half of the post as a poem because… I was stupid.

:bored: I feel strange now.

When I was younger (8-10) I used to have that night terror stuff. I would get up in the middle of the night and turn all the lights in the house on and have gun fights with imaginary people. My parents would just watch me do this. I think it was caused by watching a Lethal Weapon movie. I would go back to bed and wake up and remember it like it was a dream( only short parts of it)

I used to have very similar expereinces… people in the room, suffocating sensations, not being able to move.

This is really common and there are mythologies surrounding these experiences in many cultures. Do what the other people here have suggested and google “night terrors” and “old hag.” I was completly freaked before I found out how common these expereinces are. The thing to remember is that you are perfectly safe… you won’t suffocate and the scary dream people or spiders can’t hurt you. It can be really intense especially when you are paralized and feel vibrating electrical energy in your body and stuff.

But the good thing is that you are a person who is predisposed for lucid dreaming. Count yourself lucky. If you can master your fear during these experiences you can have all kinds of great lucid dream experiences.

thank you all for ur advice
i researched, and well the night terrors, i dont know if thats what they are
as i remember it/ them very clearly, the old hag , is really how i feel when i m waking up, and oh, im just worried about teh strangling part

has anyone ever strangled themselves in their sleep??

oh and immute nostral agony is a jim morrison quote,:slight_smile:

That sounds really odd… If you believe in the Christian religion, you can try to pray and pour holy water around your room like clarkkent said. I personally don’t, but even if there is no God (Christian God.) it seems to have a placebo effect.

Perhaps not only placebo effect … perhaps it depends what the other consciousness believes in, if there is one. :wink: