I am new to LDs and haven’t been trying to have an LD for that long.I’ve tried a few times using WBTB and MILD but to no avail and i really want to know whats the best way to get an LD fast?¿?¿

Well, my best advice is to be patient.

When i heard about LDing, i tried sooooo hard for the first week, and then i thought that i wasn’t going to have one, so i decided that maybe it wasn’t for me, and sure enough, that night, i had my first LD, and i’ve now had over 50 in just under 2 years (keep in mind i go to school and don’t get much sleep for most of the year)

If you just be patient, then one will deffinately come. WBTB/MILD i think is the easiest way to have your first LD. just make sure you do it all right (if you need help or advice, there’s plenty on LD4all). Also make sure to do reality checks. RC’s were crucial for my first couple LD’s before i really knew the feeling of dreams.

So just don’t rush it. Keep up the work, and just keep up a good attitude about it. Don’t get discouraged.

WBTB and MILD sound like a good start. It just might take you a few tries :neutral: Don’t give up!

I know the topic is called impatient but patience will help you get LD’s and keep you away from frustration! :grin: As you might have read, for some people it just takes longer and it can take years to be able to have LD’s every night. But it’s worth it!

welcome to ld4all by the way :wave:

No such thing. That’s like asking how to get ripped and muscular fast. Both things take time to develop. The patient are the ones who reap the rewards in life.

Remember, patience young grass hopper. :content:

Patience. And if you want to, try WILD.

Ok so Basicly you’re all saying dont be impatient Lol
That sounds like a gud idea.i’ll just keep trying Thanx :slight_smile:

Daystar, a little more patience is good. If you haven’t started a DJ, you’d better do it. It’s the most important step towards learning lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is also a skill, like a language. It takes time to learn and to master.