In control

I’m starting to remember my dreams much better, This morning, i remembered 3 dreams, One which was particularly funny. Though my question is, I never actually control the dream, like, I dont tell my self to go somewhere, I wake up and it’s almost like 'I walked over to the door but I had no choice over it, Like I’m an spectator, For example. The dreams i remembered, I have no recolection of being in them, but i remember them. Does the control come when your only councious (Lucid dreaming) or can it happen without?

Well, when it happens, you are lucid. So no, it can’t happen without lucidity, you gain it from the knowledge of knowing that you are dreaming and can control your dream.

By the way, I think thinking of a past event and not having the feeling of having been there is very common for our brain. :content:

Well, I think it could happen in a FLD, or in a normal dream where you have control, but just think that it’s normal life. I admit that it is most readily associated with lucidity, but there are a few alternatives. Neither of those are nearly as acute of a feeling as lucidity, though. (Complicated sentance)

Hmm. IMO merge the two above. True control comes with lucidity. But you may well have dreams where you although not conscious act as though you are. Wich means doing what you would use the control for if you were lucid. It’s a different kind of dream control.

I just had a dream like that last night. I was making decisions on my own, I would actually “hear” myself think about choices, but I couldn’t actually control them. Weird…