In my dreams I have a different personality than I really do

I wanna know if this is normal. In real life I couldnt organize my locker to save my life. I always lose things and I really dont care. I have a reputation for that kind of thing. I dont do well with very specific instructions or scheduals and I always just kinda take things at my own pace. But in a few dreams now I have been extrememly concerned with losing possessions, keeping things in order, and making sure everything goes exactly how it should. This is the opposite of how I am in my waking life.

Does this mean Im faking my personality without even knowing it or what? has this happened to other people? is it something common?

at first i would say that you’re faking! but thinking a little bit more you’re prolly sub-consciously concerned about that disorganized side of you. and you’re dreams are prolly telling you to start being more organized, down to earth!
you’re prolly angry with that side of you…
i dunno i’m no fucking psycho-analist

Ya, I guess that makes scence. If I ever have a long lucid dream Ill make sure to ask some dream characters about it.

Everyone has a different personality in some of their dreams.

In fact, I have a number of different personalities, they have repeared a couple of times.

For example, in a two (or maybe three) dreams, I’m a spineless git with the worst ever pick up lines.

In another dream, I’m actually a girl. And a mercenary - I’m ruthless and brave (fighting through loads of enemies), if a little dim.

Of course, there are also those dreams where I have pretty much the same personality as IRL.

Sometimes in my dreams I’m way more careless and I don’t think. (don’t we all?)

Ok, cool to know people have different personalitites in their dreams too. I guess, its like other sides of your personalitie, or maybe personalities you wish you were. I dunno.

i always listen to different sides of me when trying to WILD! those voices from within that a lot of people talk about… i think it’s the different sides of me argueing with each other!

It sounds to me like it’s not another personality; it’s your own desire to be a neater and more organized person manifesting itself in your dreams. In your dreams where you’re organized, you’re behaving the way you know that you should or that you really wish to behave IRL.

I’m not a leader or a follower IRL Not sure if that makes sense, but what I mean is that I try not to conform to society and I don’t try to make what I believe mainstream either.

I’ve had dreams where I’m leading a whole army of people (NOTHING like me, I’m too shy and quiet)

I’ve also had dreams where I’m Miss Popular (barf) and wearing all the perfect brand-name clothes, parents are rich, waste time with all the other boring populars and wannabe populars, etc.

Most of my dreams I’ve the same personality though.

What Cynster said makes a lot of sense though. :wink:

In RL I’m very quiet, self concious, nervous around people and keep a lot inside. The situations I dream about are constantly influenced by worries yet my dream character deals with them much better. She is more confident and tells people what she thinks.

I’m the opposite. IRL I have many different personalities and in my dreams I am normal. It sounds weird but IRL my mood and behaviour change constantly, regularly and often to extremes. However in my dreams I am a perfectly ‘normal’ (whatever that is). Does this mean that real life is actually a dream and my dreams are my real life? :razz:

I think a lot of people are more honestly themselves when dreaming, especially in LDs because other people’s reactions don’t matter as much. IRL I’m a very shy, quiet person, sometimes to the point of being antisocial. I think of things, but don’t want to say them to anyone. In LDs I am much more involved with my DCs and don’t hesitate to say things. I go more with my instincts. I think I have more physical contact with dream characters than with people I know IRL.

Last night I remember a dream vaguely, not enough to post in my DJ. But I saw myself driving a car and I wasn’t who I am.