In Need of LD Advice Regarding New Schedule

Some background…

I am a college student so as you may figure I am on summer break. The first month of summer I was unemployed, giving me plenty of time to master an LD routine. I was able to have a couple LD’s after strict practice and development of a workign technique.

Now I am working full time and wake up around 5:30 in the morning. I usually go to bed around 11 and fall asleep around midnight. My journal entries and motivation are suffering due to this new sleep schedule. I believe that my brain isn’t being allowed enough time to enter the right REM cycle to allow dream sequences.

Any advice on a way to fully engage back in the routine of inducing LD’s with this new schedule? Do I need to allow myself more time to sleep? Does anyone else have a similar schedule and a working routine? I feel as though my lucidity progress is now backtracking because of this.

It does backtracking, you can see and feel it. It’s normal due to change so to keep it simple you need to change your routine. Like you said you need to have more sleep, so go earlier to bed and give yourself more time relaxation, also meditation is awesome thing, specially if you can do it on a job, if you work in office or some similar place 10 minute meditation will do wonders.

Now in all of times motivation is needed, you will now see how powerful is, or how weak. Don’t get me wrong, it might just do the opposite, it might gave you real chance to become lucid but only if you set your mind on it. There is a
plenty of things you can do to raise your chance of becoming lucid. I do not know what kind of job you do but for example I’m on the road the whole day and to me questioning the surroundings is the main key toward lucidity…

Dream recall and lacing of one due to lack of sleep and changing schedule is another thing. Everyone is struggling with DR but it’s completely normal thing. Experiment with different thing. If you feel like waking up in the middle of the night which I doubt :tongue: you can use that for DR boost and it also raises chances of becoming lucid either using WILD or MILD techniques.

Then again I will mention meditation. It does wonders if your mind is set to the task… Search internet, there are plenty youtubers that are providing help and guidance in such matters. I would suggest to watch this series. Very inspiring man.

PS: don’t get scared off by the title of the part one video, it’s a more light topic then it seems! :content:

Good luck!

As someone who has to get up at 4:45 for work, I feel your pain! :tongue:

Unfortunately the best advice I can offer is go to bed earlier. Yeah, it’s crap but you will be better off in the long run health wise anyway. To be honest I usually get 7hrs per night, so we aren’t that far apart, but I know if I went to bed any earlier I’d feel like an old woman! Having a nap in the day might be a good way to get some REM sleep but obviously if your getting home too late it’s going to leave you wide awake when you need to sleep for the night.

Also, look forward to your days off as laying in can give you a great opportunity that you won’t have on work mornings such as doing WBTB without having to worry about how much sleep your loosing. Good luck with finding a schedule that works for you. :smile: