Inconsistency in LDs?

Well whenever I have lucid dreams, i get them in like 2s or 3s.
Like for example: I wouldn’t get any LDs for a week, then get 2 LDs in one night, and another the next, and then for the next week and a half I wouldn’t get anything, and sometimes not even remember dreams. And it sometimes gets annoying not knowing (Approximately) when your next LD’s gonna be.
Anyway, what I’m wondering, is if there’s anyone who has a similar case. And how can I “even out” the lucid dreams, so i can get them every 2-3 days, instead of in clumps.

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I don’t think there’s a ‘remedy’, for this problem per se. It’s simply a matter of experience, and motivation.

Know what works for you. Try reading about lucid dreams before you sleep. While you are awake, do reality checks. Make it a habit.

You get them in clumps because you need a particular mindstate for LD’ing, and once you reach it it’s easy to get more in a row.
So, it’s pretty normal to have them in bunches, one thing you can do to have more is jolt down that state on paper once you’ve got a successful night and bringing it up again next time you go to sleep.