Increasing dream recall with 'manufactured dreams'

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I did a search and didnt really find anything like this, so im wondern if anyone has every tried something like this.

the process of increasing dream recall is made long and tedious becuz u have to sleep, and remember ur dreams b4 u can make a journal entry. However, isnt it possible that one could speed up the process by simply ‘making up’ a dream and then journaling it as if it really was a dream they had. I mean, the mind cant really tell the difference any way, so why not?

if i were to do this, i would first visualize a dream…any dream in my mind first afew times (like VILD) till i was a familiar with it, then i wud journal it.

if this works it could have affects aside from increasin dream recall more quickly, like the ability to create my own dreamsigns simply by giving these ‘manufactured dreams’ common themes…

i kno this sound alot like VILD, and i admit that it is similar but the purpose of VILD is to attain lucidity while the purpose of ‘manufactured dreams’ is to increase dream recall.


But if you made up a dream, but didnt have the same one that you wrote down, whats the point, your just predicting.

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hello The Law
what is your dream recall like now?
it is really quite easy to gradually improve recall by other methods.
Let’s face it even if you do manage to dream about the “manufactured dream” … YOU STILL HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT YOU DREAMT IT and all the details.

this writing up what you would wish to dream about is more suitable for incubating a dream scenario of your choice :content:

no im not predicting.

what im doing is daydreaming (while awake) and then recording the daydream as if it were a dream i had.

the whole point of recording dreams is to increase thier importance in ur mind so that u wont forget them when u awake.

faking a dream should have the same affect… at least in theory.

and please allow me to clearify, i am not tryin to dream the manufactured dreams…i am using them to increase dream recall by ‘tricking’ my mind into thinking that i have excellent dream recall already: Daydreaming then recording the dream as a normal dream.

and my dream recall is ok…3 a night, i got off lucid dreaming for while, i am now doing it again.

day dreaming is not the same as dreaming … it is a different level of consciousness. just recording a daydream is using your usual daytime memory.
for me it just seems to be creating work for yourself.

… but i do recall another member who posted about the value of recording daydreams. If I can find the topic I will edit in the link.

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keeping a day-dream journal

there is also a topic about the difference between daydreams and dreams … Day Dreaming: Is It Related To Dreaming?

(they are both a couple of years old now :eh: )

thank you, i’d be interested in reading it…meanwhile, i think i’ll try this myself. i still believe that this approach to increasing dream recall has merit…i’ll post my progress.

I see how that could posibly work. You get in the habit of recording “dreams” first of all. Like you are actually writing in a DJ, if you were a beginner this could be benefitial.
Also having the image of yourself as a dream recall master would probably help, although, you’d be trying to trick yourself, which is easier said than done. You’ll have to imagine while writing that you actually did dream it.