Increasing the Frequency of LD's

Hello everyone!

I am pretty new to lucid dreaming having only been trying for just about 1.5 month. I was very fortunate to be able to have 2 LDs in my second week. I keep a dream journal and am able to write it in daily usually I am able to remember about 2-3 dreams. Even though I was able to get lucid relatively quickly into my journey I am looking for possible ways to increase the frequency of them. Does anyone have any advice/books/articles that may give me some insight?

I appreciate any help!

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My advice would be to just stay consistent in your journal and techniques! (I would encourage you to explore multiple techniques, but) if you’ve discovered early on that one works well for you, I think it’s helpful to really focus on one technique at a time.

I really wish I had more to say or something else to point you to, but I think consistency is probably the most important for frequent LDs?

Hey @Splash,

I appreciate the response! For the last few weeks I have been practicing MILD. I was able to get my two lucid dreams using that technique, I think because I was able to get lucid pretty quick (in about 2 weeks) using MILD I agree I should try to remain consistent in using it but if I find I am not able to become lucid more frequently I think you are correct in saying I should practice other methods.

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MILD is my favorite method. One thing that you could consider that might actually increase your frequency is adding a night or two a week where you do a WBTB with your MILD.

I do think MILD really does benefit from being consistent. If it’s working for you I wouldn’t change it, but at some point in the future you might find it worthwhile to try out some WILD methods just to see if you click with them.