This is NOT my artwork obviously…
But check it out
This is not a photo! It’s a painting!

Also check the zoomed image at the middle of the page.Take a look at her eyes, lips and teeth.Unbelievable!

moved from Garden to Lounge - Garden is only for own creations :wink:

:eek: this is a painting?

I cant understand how the painter made the painting so identical to photo :cool:

But its fun to see someone actually succeed making a painting like that :rofl:

That’s amazing :eek:

NO WAY! :eek:

Oh my gosh! :eek:
:unk: That’s amazing!

all i can say is WOW :eek:

WHAT!! This is not a photo!?
Wonderful textures I must say!!!
And it’s soo…real!
Argh! It’s to real to be a painting but it’s a painting!!!
I wish I can paint like that XD

I have a bit of a hard time believing that’s really a painting, but if it really is, then I have to say, I’m astonished!

Weel there’s the making of :razz:
Anyway, i’ve seen photorealistic stuff before, but this beats them all to the ground. The pores! Look at the pores! O_O

well done :smile: … ntings-not
Funny what you can discover by scrolling through your pile of hundreds of bookmarks :tongue:

It’s so real!! :smile: Just like a photograph! :content: