Induced Shared Dream...

I read on one of the other threads that this section could do with a shared dream experience or two. So heres mine, from about 8 months ago I think…

This wasn’t two people 100% dreaming, but my wife sort of ‘meditated’ into my dream, and we shared that dream - her mildly daydreaming, and me fully REM.

She woke up at 3am one morning and felt ‘zenlike’ (she says), so she decided to try ‘interfere’ with my dreams.
She closed her eyes, and lay next to me on her back, and visualised going into my dream.
She visualised a room, and with me in the middle - she went up to me and blush :shy: gave me sexual favours. And quite uncharacteristically (I promise :wink:) I was trying to push her away. And it became a small battle of pushing at each other :razz:

Anyway, that was her version. Heres my version:
I was in another ND that I dont remember, but I distinctly recall the dream changing into a white room, with a bed in the middle. Similar to my bedroom but not quite. I was lying down (only discrepancy). My wife was trying to give me sexual favours, but I felt it was stopping me from doing what I was trying to do before (cant remember). So I was pushing her away, and she pushed back…

All I can say is ‘damn - I wasn’t lucid!!!’ :cry:

Anyways, my wife tried it once since then, but I wasn’t in REM at the time.
Now that I’m reminded of this once again, I will beg her to try do it again :smile:

sounds like fun…
all i can say is good luck next time :wink:

Thanks :grin:
It would be quite something to be able to do this regularly :content:

Wow, talk about taking your relationship to another level!!

Seriously though, more research needs to be done into this. I have read about two hypnotists going into trance together and having a mutual dream which is later verified. Seems to be the sort of thing that lends itself to scientific testing very well.