Inducing a Nightmare

In 2011, when I first learned of lucid dreaming, I had 15 lucid dreams in the course of 3 months. In 2012, I’ve had 3 lucid dreams in the course of 3 months. Granted, towards the beginning of the year, my motivation was slack, but it’s caught back up now, and I’ve been trying many different methods and induction techniques, yet I have not had a decent-length LD since February (and even that one lasted about 10 minutes).

For the past week or so, I’ve been reading the guides on this site. I’ve gotten some great advice already, but I’ve decided my next course. Nightmares.

During this ND challenge, I’ve discovered I can induce a ND quite well. All I’ve had to do is read a few articles about the subject of choice in my dream interpretation dictinoary, and within a day or two, I’ll have a dream featuring said subject. However, my attempts at inducing a LD have been quite awful. So I’m going to try inducing a nightmare, because I never have them (due to a dream-catcher placebo, I believe). Hopefully I will become lucid from that, and if not, I can try again.

Any advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated! :happy:

You could try watching a scary movie before bed, this will definitely make you more aware when you’re trying to fall asleep. If you stay in this fearful mood your almost guaranteed to have a nightmare. If scary movies don’t scare you, watch them alone and in the dark. But remember the idea is not really to get so scared that you can’t fall asleep, but instead to get into the mood of fear or being in danger.
If you don’t know what to pick for a movie, try “Insidious” (2011). It is about a little boy who goes to sleep but one day does not wake up, as apparently his soul and mind has went too far away from his body. Due to the absence of a soul in the boys body, entities begin to appear in order to try and posses it. Anyways I am not gonna go too much into detail. But Ill tell you its spooky stuff for lucid dreamers C:<

Be happy that you do not have a nightmare.

Also if you had a LD, you can just teleport your fears into your dream and it can turn into a nightmare. But seriously, nightmares are really something you do not want.

I really don’t understand why you would want one. I recently got a dream catcher just so that I wouldn’t get them! They really are as bad as people say they are. You generally wake up all scared and sweaty. But I guess you can do what you want but don’t say we didn’t warn you…

yeh i had the same thaught a while ago about trying to induce nightmares. In answer to the others i think the point of inducing a nightmare is that when you think about it, so many people began lucid dreaming as kids to become aware during a nightmare and turn it into something good. For this reason it could be easier to become lucid during a nightmare, atleast thats wat i think :content:.

As i said i gave it a try a while ago but no success, id be interested to see if u have any success and look forward to hearing how.

If you can induce ND’s so well, why don’t you just choose a topic to dream about and then resolve to do a RC whenever you see it? For example, if you choose water/an ocean, then every time you see water you do a RC. And if you can induce ND topics well, then you’ll be bound to have a dream about it, hopefully do a RC, and then become lucid. That way you know what the dream sign is going to be and there is a large chance that you’re going to become lucid. It seems much easier than trying to induce a nightmare.

Had a successful nightmare, but didn’t become lucid. I was pretty scared when I woke up, but I’m fine now. It’s only a dream, and it’s got me curious about the characters and why I dreamed what I did. I’m going to try again, after RC’ing every time I was scared today. For some reason, I can induce ND’s with great success, but anytime I try to do a lucid topic it doesn’t work. I’ll improve my skill in this and try again shortly.

Whenever I myself have a nightmare I dont usually tend to turn it into a lucid dream, although I feel I could if I really tried. During your nightmare you will notice that you are breathing heavily or quickly in RL, this is what usually ends the nightmare as the rush of oxygen and unsteady chest movement wakes you up. I was not long ago able to feel my breathing and slowed it down during a nightmare, and this gave me consciousness in my dream. When you grasp this consciousness try and face the nightmare, knowing you are more powerful as it is your dream and you are in control, or you could simply try and walk away. I haven’t actually succeeded in turning a nightmare around, but I will try again the next time I have one.