Inducing Dream signs - Testers needed

Hey all, so I was actually wondering if this can help.

See, lately I had 7 lucid dreams. I’m a beginner and I had 7 in 14 days. So, all of those came from one dream sign- tornadoes. It it currently my strongest DS considering it gave me all of those and I was wondering for the people who have consistent dream signs can induce them?

I have tried this out and I realized the days that there are tornado watches or warnings I have a lucid dream that night, and it’s because I thought about tornadoes that day and whenever I have dreams about tornadoes, I become lucid because I always RC whenever I hear tornadoes on the news so in my dreams whne I see one i RC.

So I was wondering if before bed you can watch a video about your dreamsign. Like I watch a video about my tornado. Or you can flat out just remember it.
The reason I say watch a video is because one night before bed I watched an anime speedpaint and in my dreams i dreamt about speedpaints. It was cool.

Anyone wanna test?

Congrats on your lucid dreams.

I don’t know why but I’m very bad with DS that’s why I rely more on WILD. How bad I am? Well constantly I’m dreaming about one person that I didn’t seen in person almost 3 years now and some other friends that I didn’t seen for some real time now…

I guess I don’t pay enough attention on this situation or what…

Your idea about inducing them could work but somehow this part:

seems like VILD. You visualize/watch and then doing RC or trying to remember to make one…

Why I put visualize/watch? You could say that those 2 things are very different and they may seem like different but studies show that they are actually not. Long story short to brain is the same whether you think about tornado or you see tornado in person or on TV.

So I guess it could work but only if you are accustomed to notice DS. The best thing is to try it for yourself… Well I could make the same experiment and see the results…

The problem is I usually see this person on facebook and sometimes I make RC but I guess it’s not enough. Well I’ll do it for the sake of the experiment. In next week I will RC every time when I see this person or think about her starting with this day… [well that was mantra already :tongue: ]

I will update this post if I’ll have some results!