Inducing False Awakenings

False awakenings seem like a very good way to become lucid. Unfortunately, I’ve never had them before. Do you have to be an accomplished lucid dreamer to have them? Also, how can I induce them?

I dunno about inducing them, but i’ve found that whenever i have a false awakening, it’s a result of going through a door or some other scene change.

Hope it helps

I think you can induce them by combining carefully writing down every dream night after night AND practicing the wake-back-to-bed-method (WBTB). Get out of your bed in the middle of the night and then go back after 30min/1hr. When I do this I have a lot of false awakenings and even a 50% chance of getting lucid. But then I REALLY have to get out of my bed, otherwise it won’t work that well!
Indeed, if you have FA’s, lucidity is not far away :smile:

Well i usaully have false awaknings then when i really wake up i go back to sleep for abou an hur then i go to school i ussally have wilds in that period. In the middle of thei wake up then go pee and then i go watch some t.v then go back to bed. In this period i have my lds and dreams. The WBTB i have every night my body wakes up at the same time. Thats kinda strange. :smile:

I always have false awakings right before I wake up, as long as I wake up in a natural way. Think I migth gonna train some RCs.

To answer your question, no you do not need to be an experienced ld-er to have false awakenings. I have had one or two false awakenings recently, but no lucid dreams.

The most recent one happened after I fell asleep with the light on in the room (something which I never normally do). In my false awakening, I woke up and the light was still on, but when I woke up properly there were no lights on in the room. I woke up with a real start from this false awakening because it had seemed so realistic.