Inducing Sleep Paralysis?

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Quick Question, i’ve been scrolling through the forums, but never does any of the posts show how to ‘induce sleep paralysis’ at ‘will’.

Just like, wanting to have sleep paralysis to a gateway on LD’ing seems to be suitable to me, it worked the first time i did it, and i’ve only had SP once or twice.
So if there really is a way, please post it, thanks!!

I’m not sure how but it is scary and dangerous. It can invite demons or other unfriendly entities in. Like in your body or it can intrude into your thoughts. Especially if you do it in the demon hour (3 am to 4 am)

But if you do it in the morning like at 6 or at night at 10, try to let your body fall asleep while keeping the mind/brain awake and active.

i see, ive heard of it. But the demons, theyre what you’re mind projects. After all, you’re brain is in the middle of being awake and asleep in SP

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It can be your own mind. It can also be real demons. When it’s a demon you will know the difference between demonic warfare and nightmares

i see, i do have a belief in demons when it comes to AP, is that correlated (somewhat) to sp?

I believe it is probably similar
Not saying don’t do it but be guarded, have Jesus with you when you induce SP or AP. Pray or say a mantra.

I’ve done AP before, and have the belief in it being real and the so called demons, it was a scary experience at first, but nothing really happened

How was your AP experience? When I do it it is just like I am hovering over my body and sometimes seeing my body. I can never really go further

Do you want to induce sleep paralysis or hypnagogia?