Induction MP3s and stuff.....

I know the Warpyourmind stuff really messes with your brain, but I was wondering… induction MP3s that repeat ‘‘You will remember to check the reality’’ and so on… are they completely safe?

I’m having doubts about them. :confused:

There is a lot of question on whether subliminal mesages actually work as well as they say.
It depends on the person and how open to suggestion they are. I’ve had very low success rates with sound fioles like this.
Anyway, no, they are not harmful at all. You have a device in your psyche called the Critical Faculty, it prevents you from doing anything impossible, immoral, etc, basically a built in reality tester. It would prevent you from doing anything you didn’t want to do, in the rare event a subliminal tape told you to do something unsafe or something :smile:

What about me going crazy and starting to hear voices and see things and …well… what about mental illnesses?


Heh heh, I don’t think any of that is very likely :smile:

i’m intrigued… what’s this warpyourmind stuff all about? googling revealed only this -

Subliminal messages and induction stuff won’t cause mental illness, but when you are already mentally unstable perhaps it could aggravate the situation. Considder yourself 100% safe to try such things if you never had any significant mental issues beyond puberty hickups.

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