Innovative use of weapons, objects, etc in dreams

The most innovative/sick one I ever seen (recorded in my DD in ld4all) was when my pursuer (just a dark figure, it was a sort of chase dream) nailed a boy upside down on a crucifix. His legs spread on the sideways plank, his hands nailed together on the bottom half. I was so scared in that dream. :help:

Ugh…That’s sick. I guess it’s when (Recently, last night) I was stabbed right above my forehead with a knife? o.o…It didn;t hurt, though and I went to another dream after about 5 seconds.

this one time this girl randomly ran up to me and jabbed up a knife up my “behind” all the way out through my “man parts”

i wasn’t too happy and gave her quite the slashing, but she came back a lot.

isnt this YOUR OWN SUB-C stabbing you???