Insanity Test

Heh i dont now why but i started laughing after like the first 5 seconds, my chest started to hurt. Its so retarted…

[1] Turn on the Speakers and allow the page to load fully
[2] Stare at the Picture without laughing for 60 seconds
[3] If you start laughing consider yourself legally insane

hahahaha, me and my friends turned this on in school one time and we were going to get in trouble but our teacher thought it was funny.

has anyone failed this test (didn’t laugh)?
I think IT would be insane :tongue:

yeah, my friend didn’t laugh. She’s never seen it before, and she didn’t laugh. It was so scary, she just stared, and she’s like what’s so funny about that? Yeah, I think she’s nuts, to serious.

hey i read back in this, my friend just did that pimp slap thing to me last week, i thought it was hillarious. So i went around trying to get everyone all day, you have to do it with smart people though, cause stupid people don’t realize it’s suppose to be 3 and then theres no joke.

I showed my dad this stuff about a year ago… and as I recall it, he said something of me being stupid and that he couldn’t see the fun

Gosh it sure does take long 4 it to load! lol …im still waiting but im really curious as to what it is :happy:

My girlfriend didn’t laugh the first time. After about 20 seconds it was pissing her off and she closed it. Wierd.

Lol! I was at home @ the comp by myself when my friend sent this to me. My mom was in the other room and was like ‘Charlotte? Are you ok? what’s so funny?’

I think the REAL insanity test is if you can find this funny EVERY time you see it… Ok, I’m insane