Insomnia, sleeping pills and lucidity

I suffer form belts of insomnia. Im having one at the mo. Its been going on for a couple of weeks and is pretty full on. I get prescribed sleeping pills. I don’t take them very often as who would want too. I have however needed to lately. I also see a herbalist so have a natural remedy as well which i prefer but it is not as affective at the mo.

Here is where it relates to lucidity. A few weeks ago when my insomnia started to happen sleeping pills were helping. I was still having lucid dreams. The cool thing was it made them more stable and it prolonged them. Usually i wake myself up from getting too excited about what ever it is I’m trying. While taking sleeping pills i was sedated so it was a lot harder for me to wake up. So this was a positive thing. I got to do a whole lot of things i had been wanting to try. The negative thing is waking up and being too foggy to remember the details of the lucid dream. Usually i have great recall. Also feeling sedated sux but we all need sleep so i do what i have to to get by. At the mo tho the sleeping pills have stopped working i im getting no sleep so no lucid dreams :cry:

Anyway just thought I’d share my experiences with sleeping pills and lucidity. By no way am i promoting there use tho. I my opinion they sux and so do the side effect but if i don’t sleep i can’t function.

Peace Sensi.

Pills make me really unstable in dreaming. I have up and down night. Hang in there and they will come back!

Cheers Dude, im hoping i get a few hours sleep tonight. crosses fingers :smile:

Peace Sensi

Sounds pretty bad, i love being a fast sleeper. I hope you get better though :smile:

Some sleeping pills (barbiturates I think) reduce REM sleep and dream. And as you said, the main side effect of a lot of psychotrops (antidepressant, tranquilizers, etc.) is a decrease of awareness, which makes dream recall more difficult.
I hope you will find a good sleep again soon. :smile:

Pleased to say i got a few hours last night. Still had to take sleeping pills tho. But i feel heaps better than having no sleep at all. It always runs in cycles for me so i know it will right its self again and i will sleep with out pills soon. Cant freakin wait…oh i long for a lucid dream.

Cheers Guys for your positive words. :smile:

Peace Sensi.

awww Sensi that sucks!
I hope you soon sleep normal and ahve lds also again!

good luck, hope all changes from the better.
Tried melatonin or 5htp?


I have never tried melatonin but a few people at DV have mentioned it so im going to look into it. What is 5hpt? How dose it work?

Cheers for your words Jeff.

Peace Sensi.

Well Sensi, 5htp is a legal precursor for serotonin.
its very quickly changed into serotonin by your brain, because its almost serotonin.
so it can help to let you fall a sleep! you know the tests with cats that had serotonin blocked in sleep labs, they couldnt fall a sleep.
We need serotonin for falling a sleep (sleep onset) else we stay awake.

Melatonin more lets u go into deep sleep!

Let us know how all is going!
hope u soon find a solution for this!


Interesting. I was depressed for years along time ago so was prescribed prozac. I’ve been off it now for 6 years. Prozac affects you serotonin levels. Im definitely not depressed now but maybe my levels of serotonin are not what they should be…Hmmmm just a thought. I will look into it further.


Peace Sensi

Yes Sensi by what u tell me now it looks like there could be a link and then 5htp could do the trick 4 you!

Well look deeper into it please for yourself :smile:
And read about side effects of your old medication!


Will do. Thanks once again. Would i just find it at a health shop? Would my naturopath know info on it? Or would my GP know more?

Peace Sensi

healthshop or shop that is specialised in vitamins must have it else u can order it from the net.
Iam dutch no idea what a gp is but a psychologist prob doesnt know it to well because he /she never will give it…no ehm research royalties are on it so pharmacy isnt interested in making it.

But typ it in google must be loads of info about it and on falling a sleep.
or on imsomnia and 5htp iam sure!
I f i have time i will look into it myself and pm u the results or here!


Cheers Dude. A GP is a general Practitioner. Just a normal doctor for physical health.

Peace Sensi.