Inspiring text and video : overcoming fears to reach our dreams

I wrote here below the text of the first part :

Nothing stands between you and your dreams. Literally nothing. The bigger the dream, the bigger than nothing space is. It is only naturel for a mind to start filling that empty space with things : your doubts, your fears, they grow and grow until they seem to block your dream from sight and if you aren’t careful you may utter the worst of all curses : I can’t. Those words are dream killers. They have doomed people to sit idle their whole lives gazing longingly across at their dreams, whishing to be there but shirking the blame because they can’t. But can’t is a lie. All it takes is a little courage, just enough courage to stand on, just strong enough to buoy you up above your own doubts and fears, stretch it from where you are to where you want to be, then take a step. That will be the hardest thing to do, taking that first step. It always is. Everyday life is so solid, why leave it for something as impossibly thin as courage ? A lot of people never do. But if you do take that first step you will see that your courage can hold you up and you will take a second step, and another. From the middle of that nothing your fears will seem bigger than ever, they will try to drag you down into their depths and your courage may sway. That is the worst feeling of all. But keep walking; you cannot fight fear, you can only walk through it until it has passed under you. Keep walking until your dreams fill your entire vision because eventually one of those steps will land you back on solid ground and top your dreams, the fear will be gone, you will see with clarity that your dreams were never as far away as you imagined.

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