instant awakenings

last night i realized i was dreaming… the world didnt start to fade and i remained calm… each time i have become lucid i want to create something to test what i can do in the world. I decided to make a purple pimp hat… and the object started to appear but it was all staticy and discolored… and i noticed everythign fading away, so i started to spin around trying to stabalize the dream… and then something VERY VERY odd happened, it was the wierdest sensation. its like i blinked. one frame was a perfect vision of a dream world, and then instantly my eyes opened and i was in the waking world…

Why does this happen? any tips or insights?

Yes, blinking in an LD often results in me waking up in real life. One blink and next time I open my eyes bam its RL i reality check my heart out but… :cry: Just rub your hands… spinning causes problems for some.

Yep, as infection0 said, blinking in LDs often causes you to wake up. Even in regular dreams that happens to me sometimes… But in some ways this is good because it’s much easier to recall the dream if you blinked and woke up right from it. Yet it is annoying if you wanted to keep doing something in the dream… :bored:


err, i didnt mean i actually blinked :content: i got confused for a minute… hmm noooo now that i got that blinking thing in my mind i know im going to start diong it haha. i never thought about blinking in dreams… never happened to me before. i didnt mean i blinked, i meant what happened was like as instantaneous as a blink… like if in a movie, there was one scene, and i blinked right as it changed and it was at the next…

i hope i dont start blinking in my dreams! :bored:

Yes, I think that’s kind of related to the blinking. Blinking causes you to wake up in an instant too. It’s really wierd, I know, but I find that if I hold onto my arm or anything else in a dream and concentrate on it, I will not wake up even though I close my eyes for extended periods of time. Spinning doesn’t work for me. Always makes me wake up. The instant switch happened once to me, not blinking. Everything was clear and I was just walking, then poof an tiny instant of blur and then I wake up. You should get better with this in time. Er, is this your first (or first few) lucid dreams? You can’t expect it to be perfect! Just keep at it and your dreams will automatically get better for no apparent reason!

this was maybe the 7th time ive realized i was dreaming… only 4 times have i stayed dreaming for longer than a minute

Well, yes blinking is a physical thing only thats why you wake up. You have a dream body but there isn’t any eyelids so you make your body do it. Rubbing hands is a good thing too and create a more lucid dream. I have problems staying lucid for more than 10 minutes myself but I dream lucidly atleast 2 to 3 times a week. Goodluck!


Don’t worry about waking up too soon, Illusion, it just takes practice! The more LDs you have, the longer they’ll become. The more used to the lucid state you are, the easier it is to prolong it.

You don’t naturally blink in LDs. From my experience, any closing your eyes in an LD is bad. If I close my eyes when I go to kiss a girl, I wake up. But if I keep them open, things can “progress.” :wink:

Good luck, just keep at it! :happy:

In one of the LD’s I had, when it started fading, I tried spinning as I had read about it. Of course I just woke up straight away.

If I get a new one, I’ll try rubbing my hands instead.

Some people swear that spinning is the best for prolonging dreams. For me, it’s never helped. I’ve had a lot of success with rubbing my hands together, or just feeling something in the dream world.

Hmm I belive that blinking would do what ever you want it to be, if you think that just blinking quick doesn’t wake you up - it wont … It’s like mindf**ks - “oh good thing there’s nobody after me” and suddently there is … What your mind belives - it will create … so allways concentrate heh :wink:

wow! Thanks guys! I will NOT blink in next ld. As soon as I read this topic, I realized that all of my abrupt ends have occurred like that. Blink, strange event, blink once more, open eyes, in my room!

^.^ thank all so so much. ^.^