Instant Induction - A Revoution to Be ?

HI there, Ive been away for a while but i think i might be able to make up for it here.

Now, dont all get to excited this is mostly theory.

First make sure u read the Chainning technique from earlyer. It discusses staying totaly still and trying to enter a lucid dream on the moment of waking,

Well, This will hopefully take you to that moment of wakening for the unconsious in 30 or less seconds.

Now many people dont feel comfortable with this method, and i dont garuntee or take any responsibility for your actions from reading this. Now thats out the way Ill excplain.

It involves reducing the blood supply to your brain causing you to pass out, Now Ive read and been told, that in good health, you can not die or damage yourself from holding your breath, ie one youve held it to long, you go unconcious and your subconcious takes over and makes you breath again. now the technique i read and tryed was as follows

              "Kneel donw with your head between your knees, breath deeply quite fast, but not to the point of hyperventilating, 10 - 15 breaths, then stand up fast, pinch your nose, and blow in to you nose like you were trying to clear your ears. You will feel light headed and probably pass out between 3-5 seconds"

Falling on a bed before you pass out would be very advisable, better than falling and kraking your skull open.

Now I dont know how dangerous this is, but I done it earlyer and landed on my bed and remember hearing the bed squeeking then my mother talking (Like what your hear of them talking in a dream) she wasnt actually there then I when I came to ( I didnt time it but i whish i had) I was fully awake and aware, maybe 10 seconds to a minute I was out for.

Please let me hear your views, and if your going to try this, maybe you could have a friend there to make sure you land on the bed.

John :shy:

Interesting, although I am not quite sure what you mean by “blowing into your nose like you were trying to clear your ears.” So are you supposed to blow upwards? I find that quite difficult and don’t see the point of blowing there, since your nose would be pinched anyway.

The whole process seems a little dangerous to me, although I am in good health… I probably will not try it unless other have success. Interesting idea though!

Hi, I fully respect your desesion not to try it, it is a bit scary when you do it, and may be be dangerous, or harmless.

But I thought Id Clear the Blowing the nose thing Incase others try it wrongly.

When it says blow your nose, I dont mean using your mouth. (Keep your mouth shut and pinch your nose and try to breath out into your nose, so you feel the pressure in your nose)

I think I explained it better this time.

Thanks for reading

Ok,Big John…you wrote you are not sure how dangerous it is so ill try to explain.
What you do is cutting the oxygen flow to the brain.When u sit or lay down for a while and then jump up straight blood stream goes down and not enough of it gets to your head.
This is VERY dangerous activity.It can lead straight to brain damage,maybe not ll of it but u have fair chance it can kill few cells.
Then an open school isnt so much of a problem:)Hehe and if you wanna do it with a friend make sure he is a brain surgeon:)

ps.As i mentioned before-to get same effect you just lay down and then jump up immadietly.Same effect,same brain damage but easier:)

There is “open school” and should be “open skull”

I know what he’s talking about there. The whole phenomenon, I mean. It’s happened to me many times by simply jumping up suddenly. Once I stayed up very late because I expected to sleep late. However my mom woke me up at 7 am after very little sleep. When I walked out into the living room I had that happen to me - it got very fuzzy, I couldn’t see anything. Then I walked into a table which had been there for years but i didn’t notice since I was blacked out or whatever, and I fell down. My mom thought I had a concussion or something (since I had broken my jaw the previous day playing baseball) but it really was just standing up too quick.

There´s no danger getting braindamages.

Your brain starts to get damaged after 6 minutes without oxygen.

I did that pass-out thing earlier today. But I didn´t fall asleep.

Instead, I got a black-out for a couple of seconds in my sofa.

I´ll try it tomorrow, in the morning for better results.