Instant levitation

I was wondering if anybody else here had this problem? As soon as I start to realize I am lucid I sometimes begin to instantly levitate . . . if it keeps up it will become one of my dream signs! I guess it doens’t really bother me, but it seems to make my ‘flying’ a little harder to control as its apparently triggered subconsiously. Last time I started lifting off the ground when I started to get lucid while I was talking to a DC face to face! Then I was all “hey, this must be a dream” and I commenced to try dream spinning in the air.

i find this funny.
Never happened to me ^^

mabey your subconcious wants to levitate?
never heard of this problem before
but i do recall some dreams where im slightly levitated so i cant run or walk fast
but none lucid.

As everything, you will learn to control it with some practice.

Sounds reall fun, though!

Go Iron Man in your dream and pretend you have jets on your hands and feet that propel you across the ground…

I think it’d be a fun way to travel if you have trouble walking. :happy:

That’s a good idea. I could wake up for thirty minutes and watch part of Iron Man in the middle of the night and then go back to bed.

My body always seems to want to fall over and go all dizzy once i realise im lucid… but hey… it doesnt do it anymore.

What people have said might help you :content:

If I had to give you one advice, I’d have to say:
Forget all about it.
If you manage to do that, it is certain to go away.
Make sure not to ponder upon it when it happens, mind other things and it wont bother you.
Just my little share of help ^^

It’s not really the same, but levitating is some sort of an extra RC for me, and i don’t really think about it.

As soon as i realize i’m dreaming, first thing i do is levitate, as soon as i do that i’m 100% sure i’m dreaming.

I do it every time though… and it’s not bothering me.

As for trying to forget, i don’t think you can pull that off, better to just set your mind on doing something else next time you get into a LD.