Instruments, instrumentals, inciting!

WOW! That in C thing is odd. I see the metronome beat, but gods! I never liked metronomes. It’s like… classical trance. Awesome!

Hehe Fix, that Tesla Coil thing is really cool, Ive seen that before :cool:

Eil, nice that a floppy disk player can be programmed to play that song, a bit nerdy though if you ask me :razz: Im still fascinated

Hello! I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what this instrument here (at around 11 seconds) is. The one that sounds sort of like a wild turkey? (I’ve been wondering forever about where to ask this question!)

O_o You are going to have to be more clear on what time. I have a feeling most of those are more recordeded sounds played on a track or using a synthesizer. But if it is the whistling sound, it is most likely someone whistling. I know there is definitely a horn in here, though I can’t really say what horn. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a kazoo in there. You would have to wait for like Wyvern, or someone who is experienced in a lot of instruments to come answer.

As a fine example for Wyvern’s love for the Duduk, here is a song from the Avatar: the last airbender series. Uncle Iroh playing the Tsungi Horn. It is also heard again in the Blue Spirit and Whose Destiny, both also from the series. :tongue:

Now I’m wondering, ocarina or duduk. :open_mouth:

Forget all those previous instruments!
They are nothing compared to this!

I present to you:

Broccoli Ocarina!

HAHA! I can top you, Sir Fix. Let me introduce you to the Kazookeylele!!! A kazoo and piano attached to a ukelele, made by crous0. I think his best work is Bohemian Rhapsody. But his first work was The Final Countdown. I randomly stumbled upon this instrument earlier today when looking up some kazoo things. It is -awesome-.

That piano sounds more like a xylophone o_O

And oh man… the nostalgia!
I used to love it when this man would come on tv with his instrument:
Toby Rix on his Toeterix (Honkerix)
Toxy Rix during a trumpet concert
Toby Rix in more recent years (when he was 80!)

/me scratches head

He looks like the trolololo guy… Cow bells, horns, siren, crank… What else? XD

Fix, this is starting to become a game of “my instrument is bigger than yours”. I’m concerned I don’t have enough instruments. XD

In that case:
Here is Toby Rix with his bellchains!

And the Ode to Odd Instruments

The Chachak btw is just a musical wind-up toy that comes from a ‘family’ or other toys: Knockman Wind-up Musical Toys

The OtamaTone is a really odd instrument.

You win! Respect!!!

Docjazz is one of my favourite ocarina players, and this is his Ocarina on iPod of Song of Time.

The artists win :wink:
Awesome version of Song of Time btw :happy:

And back to some ‘normal’ music, but still a very nice performance:
Violin, Drums, Piano and Guitar: Untitled #1 Cover - Paul Dateh - John Chu

And from the same video poster:
Piano, Guitar, Violin and 2 Cellos: Libertango by Ensemble Memo
Though the latter feels like it could use a bit better mixing as the volumes of the instruments feel a bit unbalanced…

and the same song, but then performed by just voices: The Swingle Singers Music Video Piazzolla ‘Libertango’
such beautiful voices…

And a funny flash mob: Swingle Singers underground tube subway performing Soul Bossa Nova

and Swingle Sisters performing Pachelbel’s Canon

Wow. I love this. Pirates of the Carribean - Piano Solo by Jarrod Radnich. He his darn quick with his fingers :tongue:

WAH! Luigi! You found my most favourite cover of “he’s a pirate”. Just to show how awesome Jarrod Radnich is, here is his cover of Hedwig’s Song

I would like to point out that he did an “invisible” version of that a while ago, but I think amongst the flames and the fact that the last part of the movies was released, he redid it.

I don’t know if the song’s actually orcestrated or not, but it makes me happy: the Phenac City theme, from Pokemon XD. You might not get the full effect without having played the game, but the part at 48 seconds really tickles me. :content:

Also, here’s one that definately is orcestrated (unless the guy found a MIDI or something and decided to make it LOOK like he was playing for some reason): Wind Waker Unplugged. Seriously, unless he’s got a whole bunch of identical twins running around, who all happen to play their own intrument, this guy has a lot of talent.

And now for the part of the show where I list all the instruments I own: a keyboard, an upright piano, 3 different ocarinas (one I made myself in pottery class), a glockenspiel, a tremlo harmonica, a guiro, a kalimba, and at least one or two others that I’m forgetting to mention. Also, I don’t know how to play any of them.

Whaa! Why do you have all those instruments and not know how to play them!!! Haha, that Phenac City tune is funny. And wow at Wind Waker Unplugged, I totally love the accordion and the overworld theme. But zomg, so good.

Since we are back on Zelda songs… Well, here is the Song of Healing… on wine glasses.

And since I know you all love zelda music as much as I do, and creativity, well… Here is Sp0ntanius’ channel. There’s only 4 other videos, but trust me when I say you will not regret watching all of them. :happy:

I like this topic a lot … so much music to hear and experience. And why are there so many people on this forum (it seems) that have the interest in music? - it’s nice.
The channel Sp0ntanius is just like you say, haha. It sounds so great and the can be fun as in humour. I won’t right now, but later I will add some more music If I find some …
I think melodica was mentioned already, but it’s a perfect sound when played in the right way

invisible version?

Anyway, those guys are really amazing with their instruments…

And now a guy who’s amazing with his voice:
“One Man Disney Movie” Nick Pitera Disney Medley Music Video

This one-man a capella video is also pretty impressive: Teenage Dream & Just the way you are - Acapella Cover - Katy Perry - Bruno Mars - Mike Tompkins where he’s showing which instruments he’s impersonating.