Instruments, instrumentals, inciting!

You can now find the YouTube Playlist for LD4All Instruments, Instrumentals, Inciting! A playlist full of all the songs posted in this topic, as created by FiXato.

Do you play an instrument? Or do you just love listening to the sensuality of music instruments? Then this is the thread for you. This is basically where people can come, put up their feet, talk about and listen to awesome, awesome instruments. (Remember, the voice is also an instrument!) Share your stories, and your videos, and other’s videos! We love to hear them. I shall start this thread out.

I have been playing piano for 11 years now, think it is never too late to learn an instrument, and find myself hording mass amounts of awesome instrumentals. Though, not the first song I ever learned to play on piano, I absolutely love this version of it. First video of le thread!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by The Piano Guys

Note: This is not a general music thread, so please don’t go posting videos of what is generally “mainstream” music, unless it is a wicked cool instrumental version of it. (What I mean is, dun go postin da latst rap song, 'cause is all 'illn. This is an instrument appreciation thread, please don’t kill it :woah:)

Any crazy/funny/awesome instrument videos are appreciated here :content:

Oh Eilatan. You know I’m going to have a field day with this thread since the music you described is the only kind I generally listen to. :tongue:

I’ll start with Yanni:

One of the first pieces I learned by him. Never get tired of it. It’s beautiful. :content: There’s also THIS version which includes a Prelude featuring the duduk and violin. I’m actually looking to purchase a duduk because of that piece.

More from him:
Until the Last Moment Another favorite up there with Nostalgia, about living life to the last moment. Life is precious. I feel he captures it perfectly.
Nightingale: Features a flute conveying the sound of a nightingale. Another amazing aspect to this particular performance was that it was a concert in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. They actually allowed him to perform there with cameras. Music is truly the universal language.
The Storm: And something more upbeat. His version of Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’ from the Four Seasons)

Thanks for the topic Eilatan :wink:
Wyvern: Nightingale indeed is a wonderful song; I used to listen a lot to Yanni and this was usually one of my favourites :smile: and that Duduk sounds very warm! Hadn’t heard of it before.

My favourite instruments at the moment tend to be
<&weesiiw> cello has a very nice sound, sad and serious and dark
I have to agree with Siiw on this one… Add to it that the instrument looks impressive and can be played various ways.

b Violin:[/b]
Where the cello has a bit serious tone, the violin tends to be a bit more playful; remembering the past, but living in the moment and being hopeful about the future.

and as a crossover to another favourite ‘instrument’
Human Voice

And last but not least:
Though it’s not common in everyday music, I still fancy a nice tune with some bagpipes, especially if it is rather upbeat:

Added in a link to the Utopia version of Pachelbel’s Canon

Hmmpf, I forgot about another curious instrument, a bit similar to the laser harp: the Theremin

This is an instrument I would love to try out some day. It looks like you can put so much emotion into it…

For instance, Leon Theremin playing on his own instrument

The sound of the instrument is probably best known from the intro tune of Star Trek: The Original Series (though this one is mixed with the Simpsons).
(and apparently also featured on The Big Bang Theory)

One of my favourite covers that uses a Theremin is probably Gnarls Barkley Crazy Theremin Jam

And to show it doesn’t need to sound so spacey: To Tell The Truth - Yoko Kanno - performed by Randy George, theremin

Theremin And Electric Kantele give an interesting combo too!

Hey, I’d like to add some things here … :wink:

Firstly, here is the guitar playing of Yuki Matsui. Hopefully this is interesting enough for this topic … I think it is.
Yuki Matsui - Rider
His style is great since he uses much of the guitar to play.

Second, this video I saw just recently. It’s about an instrument I now know is called a ‘Hang’ (I think so). This is a street musician playing it, with great sounds.

I play on the guitar. Only for 3 years now, but I will keep playing.

Great topic!

I used to take piano and guitar lessons, but I had to quit because I had no time for lessons or practice because of theatre (there are some months where I do 2-3 shows at once…yikes!). I really didn’t mind too much. In my free time, I still play around on the piano, composing little dark songs or melodies. On guitar, I mainly play some Muse riffs :cool:

However, to go along with my theatre, I began taking voice lessons. My parents were both very skilled in music, so I was passed the great voice/instrumental talent genes. With voice, I sing songs from musical theatre :tongue: So, one could say I have a broad spectrum of genres.

I would have to say my all-time favorite band is the Finnish band Nightwish. Their music is a combination of all the things I love: vocal talent, brilliant composition, a bit of a classical feel, and of course awesome guitar riffs :razz:

Their latest single, Storytime Its very…theatrical. Its very orchestral and piano-oriented, and of course singing

Dark Chest of Wonders This one has great vocals (a different singer than the last song), a metal feel, and a dream-theme :tongue:

I Wish I Had An Angel This one is metallic, great singing, and one of my favorites

The Phantom of the Opera (cover) Cover of the title song from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

Hope you enjoyed! :content:

Haha, nice thread indeed :mrgreen: :tongue: though I dont play an instrument regularly but I am a rather good singer and I love jamming random songs :grin:

Whenever I find an aucustic drumset with sticks on it I cant resist from playing a bit :razz:

And sometimes (but very rarely) when I feel for playing piano I take a seat and play the tones to whatever song I have in my head (I got perfect pitch so thats no problem :razz:)

FiX, speaking of violins and such instruments I can mention that I listened to a concert of Requiem W.A Mozart, it was very beautiful to hear :content: Since I know some of those chorists who was with that choir they told me they only practiced 4 times the entire piece :unk: (though 3h each practice)

That indeed is a Hang :smile: I’ve seen/heard a street artist often enough on the Damrak street in Amsterdam :smile:
It’s interesting music, but after hearing it daily on my way to and from work, I kinda got tired of it :razz:

MagykKatte: I used to like Nightwish as well, but couldn’t really get used to the voice of the new singer. Haven’t really listened to their latest stuff though.
I do like quite some metal though, also because it tends to combine rock with classical style. Quite some female fronted metal bands have singers that have an opera background for instance. :smile:

Ghostie: I guess that if you are fluent with an instrument, you don’t need to practise a song much more than that, especially if you can read the notes while playing. I could be wrong though :razz:

Aha, now this is a topic! I have played the cello for 6 years, the clarinet for 1 year and the cornet for 2 years. I have also played piano since I was about 7, but only had lessons last year (specifically ‘Jazz Piano’). Also, I too saw someone playing the Hang last year in my AS music class. It looked and sounded awesome.
Instrumental music is just lovely, whether it’s soft, heartfelt solos or epic orchestral climaxes. Here are some of my favourites.

Ludovico Einaudi - Monday: This is a piece I learned to play quite recently. I find it really relaxing and so soothing to listen to.

Requiem for a Tower: Based off of Clint Mansell’s Requiem for a Dream, it is more heavily orchestrated with an incredible choir to go with it. I love it.

Gustav Holst: The Planets: Mars - The Bringer of War: Well, the whole suite is good, but this is my favourite. The cello part is actually played ‘col legno’, which means with the wood of the bow, not the hair.

And finally, Axis of Awesome - 4 Chords: While not exactly instrumental, I still love it a lot. The video is hilarious.

WAAHH! This is so awesome. So many replies! I never expected there were so many people that loved instrumental stuffums.

Wyvern, that duduk sounds awesome.The version of Nostalgia with the violin sounds absolutely beautiful! I like Nightingale, and it has an awesome flute. (I wonder if “I can go the distance” in Hercules was based off of the same music). But omg The Storm!!! INSANE! Who the hell can play the Harp that fast!!! You can tell Yanni really appreciates and feels music.

Fix, that video of Giovanni’s Daydream is just beautiful. I think I can hear Bach in it :wink: Part 2 is just awesome because of how epically fast he goes. :happy: I always love the Piano Guys and there stuff is just crazy awesome. That version of nothing else matters is hauntingly beautiful, and lol at their headbanging. And haha, that Canon in D is funny, but I still like Canon rock better. I juts love how they can dance and not crack up while playing it. The strumming version is so lighthearted and awesome, though. And Pagagnini with the rose! HAHA

The celtic woman dueling is awesome, as ever. Electric violin is an awesome instrument, and I wish I could play violin just so I could play an electric one. I don’t know Shenandoah but the celticness to it sounds pretty cool. That silent jealousy is pretty cool, and reminds me of old school gaming music. XD And yes, I love that violin meets retro gaming with Vampire Killer.

I have seen zelda done so many ways before, but this a capella is pretty awesome, though the violin goes over the voices a bit too much. HAHA! I love that 90s one, that is fabulous! And that christmas song, my friend played that song while we were glassblowing and I nearly died laughing! It’s sooooo good!!! The first time I watched original voca people I couldn’t stop laughing, but they’re so funny. I’m not the biggest fan of beatboxing, but that kitchen diaries is funny.

o.o Bagpipes?? Never thought they could sound so awesome, that’s all I have to say about that. XD And zomg, star wars bagpipes. I can’t watch anything seriously when it has Darth’s head on it.

To me the Theremin is one of those “freaky, but sounds cool, and wtf is that doing” instruments. I love it, and I’m surprised you didn’t link to any of the zelda theremin songs, there is quite a few running around. The simpsons mix he plays is commonly heard in long openings and halloween episodes. I haven’t seen that episode of Big bang Theory, but lol. And zomg, that cover of Crazy is awesome! That Yoko Kanno cover sounds like it really is done on the piano, not a theremin. o.o And holy crap, the Kantele looks harder than the theremin, but they do sound interesting together.

Kevin, the guitar is always welcome here. Yuki Matsui’s guitaring is very beautiful. o.o I have never heard of the Hang before, but seeing how he played it, I think I am about to become obsessed. XD

Magy, this was mostly instrumentals, but I suppose we can find a soft spot for orchestral bands. Coughs I was actually introduced to Nightwish because of their style. I’m far away from the days I was in love with metal, though. (Wish I had an angel is still awesome). As said, not very fond of metal no more. But the beginning of the Phantom of the Opera is very well done.

Fix, I think the practicing is more to memorise the song than anything. :tongue:

Luigi, never knew you played so many instruments. o.o Ludovico Einaudi has some beautiful songs. The small places where his music gets faster is what makes them so amazing to me. I have heard many different versions of Requiem for a Dream, but this one is very nicely gone into, the way they bring in the voices. I personally think that orchestra versions always make songs more epic! I don’t think I have ever heard of a song being played with the wood instead of a bow, but wow. o.o I think Axis of Aesome totally fits in here due to their 4 chords video. :razz: It is just so true!!

Omg guys, so many replies! Keep the videos coming, they are all so awesome. Let us keep sharing this awesome music with the world!!

Axis of Awesome is indeed quite funny to watch/listen to (flies around like a birdplane) and their version of the 4 chords medley is one of the better (there are several ones by several artists available online)

Ludovico Einaudi’s Monday sounds so peaceful… Thanks for linking it. Could’ve used a bit more diversity perhaps though…

Gustav Holst sounds like a film score composer. While I usually like those compositions, I tend to think it works better if it has accompanying footage :smile:

Requiem for a Tower sounds nice, but most of it is too similar / the same as the original Lux Aeterna.

Eilatan: As for the Zelda tunes, I kinda not linked those intentionally, since they were too common :razz:

Another lovely artist who has toured with a cellist and violinist is Vienna Teng. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to one of her concerts once in Amsterdam, together with aQua. Two of my favourite tracks of her are Vienna Teng - City Hall (though the piano and vocals are mostly used in this song, with little cello and violin) and Vienna Teng - Gravity.

Another curious instrument: the Chipophone

It may look like a classic organ, but on the inside is a homemade 8-bit synthesizer. " All the original tone-generating parts have been disconnected, and the keys, pedals, knobs and switches rerouted to a microcontroller which transforms them into MIDI signals. Those are then parsed by a second microcontroller, which acts as a synthesizer."
Enough blabla text, just listen to its creator explain and show what the Chipophone can do and then listen to DuckTales (NES) The Moon stage on the Chipophone or Metroid on the Chipophone
I like instruments like this because I love chiptunes and 8-bit computer, because it’s what I grew up with :happy:

and while we’re on organs and chiptunes:
Tetris Theme Music Played on Church Organ
Ben Middeldorp plays Gigi d’Agostino - L’amour toujours on the Tiel Church Pipe Organ
Basshunter on the Church organ
♫ STAR WARS episode IV - final theme on pipe organ ♫
If they’d start playing this music in churches, I’d consider going back to it again :razz:
It’s a shame this wonderful instrument isn’t easy to play for everyone :wink:

And that brings me to the Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ (aka the Mighty Wurlitzer), an instrument used to create film scores, and accompany theatre productions.
Wally Brown plays the Wurlitzer pipe organ

City Hall reminds me of country music. o.o But Gravity sounds beautiful. Haha, super mario bros. in his Chipophone video <3 I love how he recorded his own back track for Duck Tales :razz: And Metroid is pretty cool. I love really awesome original instruments.

Something I got to see up close and live at the Texas Renaissance Fest was the Carillon. Weighing several tons, it is made of 35 bells that are strung by banging the keys with the fist, and hitting the foot pedals. The Cast in Bronze act is done by the Masked Spirit of the Bells or Frank DellaPenna, who travels around experimenting how the Carillon can be mixed with other instruments.

This guy really gets into it, and it’s so loud that you can hear it pretty much wherever you are in the park. So this is Cast in Bronze - Reflections. Totally not the cleanest version, so here’s the Album version. Hope you guys enjoy :razz:

I recently bought myself an early Christmas present that seems appropriate to mention here, a new Violin. This shall be fun.

Somewhat more on topic, something by Ludovico I found really calming, called Svanire:
I’m fairly certain it’s all string instruments, and it’s just beautiful.

Oh my god you guys! I just feel in love with this!!. Scythe linked it in chat earlier. I found out it’s two songs, the first one is 'Solomon Vandy’ by James Newton Howard, the second is ‘Seventh Heaven’ by David Lowe. And i looked more into some of David Lowe’s songs and gods. I have loved this sort of “earthy” music, ever since a friend introduced me to David Lanz “Courage of the Wind”. If anyone has any stuff like this, link it around here. Especially those with the awesome rhythmicness.

Cast in Bronze is an interesting concept :smile: I think that a synthesizer keyboard with such samples is more practical to carry around though :razz:
It’s an impressive instrument though, and nice to hear something different than the usual stuff on it.

Svanire sounds nice, but a bit too melancholic for me at the moment :smile:
Wow… Dreamcatcher has some wonderful slow motion videos! The music makes me think of Deep Forest, a folk music band I quite like as well. :smile:
Deep Forest - Nightbird
Youssou N’Dour & Deep Forest - Undecided
Deep forest - The sound of Africa
Enigma & Deep Forest - Rain Song
Though I guess these songs are kinda off-topic, since it doesn’t really display a specific instrument. They sometimes do use tribal instruments I guess we aren’t really familiar with. :smile:

David Lanz indeed has some soothing piano music from what I heard thus far :smile:

Okay, to close off with a weird instrument: lightning :happy:
Or rather, a tesla coil :wink:
Zeusaphone/Twin Tesla Coils - Intro, 2001: A Space Odyssey, et al @ Penguicon 2008
Tesla Coils - Arc Attack - Doctor Who Theme Song - Makers Faire 2010 - San Mateo - No. 1
ArcAttack ~ America’s Got Talent, Top 48 week-4
The lightning is not just for show; it actually produces sounds because it makes the air around it vibrate. :smile: If you like it, search for Zeusaphone, Masters of Lightning, Musical Tesla Coils, or Arc Attack.
Similar concept applies to the ‘Plasma Flame’ or ‘Singing Arc’: Plasma Speaker / Singing Arc - Early Modulated Prototype and Singing Arc snippet and perhaps the coolest one: Audio Modulated VTTC

O___O When you said Tesla Coils playing music I was like… wtf? It didn’t make too much sense, and it still doesn’t. I know the lightning makes the air around it vibrate, but how do they get it to vibrate at certain wavelengths to produce different notes? Those ArcAttack guys seem insanely awesome.

Singing Arc? I definitely don’t understand this one. Really don’t understand how they’re making sound, but yes, the audio modulated VTTC sounds cool.

I’m sure any fan recognizes this song played by two floppy disk drives.

I think the Deep Forest/David Lanz song fit here when requested, as I did :razz: They are technically fully instrumental songs. So dunno. But yeah, totally love all this stuff. Keep it coming, guys!

Unreal: All hallows sunset.

Its a beautiful theme for a level that takes place on a floating island. :smile:

If you listen closely, you can hear the mystic wind sound playing in the background…
The Banjo and Violin are also very great too :smile:

That is beautiful, though I don’t see it matching a floating island. :razz: I think I like the drums the most.

Wikipedia on the Plasma speaker (evolved Singing Arc)
and the Singing Tesla Coil in particular (and rehashed in Zeusaphone
From what I understand, by modulating the current, they make the ‘lightning’ vibrate at different frequencies. Once you have that mapped, you can feed the music through a program/microcontroller to automatically modulate it for you. Then again, I’m not a scientist and there is no Simple English version of the wikipedia page :razz:
Hmm, here’s another link about Plasma speakers.

Super Mario Bros on a Laser Cutter

Terry Riley - In C:
This is quite something. Here is a wikipedia excerpt:

[i]In C consists of 53 short, numbered musical phrases, lasting from half a beat to 32 beats; each phrase may be repeated an arbitrary number of times. Each musician has control over which phrase he or she plays: players are encouraged to play the phrases starting at different times, even if they are playing the same phrase. The performance directions state that the musical ensemble should try to stay within two to three phrases of each other. The phrases must be played in order, although some may be skipped. As detailed in some editions of the score, it is customary for one musician to play the note C in repeated eighth notes, typically on a piano or pitched-percussion instrument (e.g. marimba). This functions as a metronome and is referred to as “The Pulse”.

In C has no set duration; performances can last as little as fifteen minutes or as long as several hours, although Riley indicates “performances normally average between 45 minutes and an hour and a half.” The number of performers may also vary between any two performances. The original recording of the piece was created by 11 musicians (through overdubbing, several dozen instruments were utilized), while a performance in 2006 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall featured 124 musicians.[/i]

I heard this a while back in my GCSE music lessons. Our teacher said that we would record our own, but it never happened… Still, I find aleatoric compositions a lot of fun and, while many people may not like this sort of thing, I certainly do. :content:
Oh, and Svanire sounded wonderful. I think there may be more than just string instruments, as you can hear what sounds like instrumentalists taking their breath at times. Lovely find :happy: