Instruments, instrumentals, inciting!

I love video game music, and one of my favorite composers is Lind Erebros, a russian composer known for his work on the King’s Bounty series. Here are a few of his compositions I absolutely adore, most are instrumentals with some use of vocals:

Sacred Campaign. I often listen to this one just before going to sleep.

Dreamland. Just wonderful.

The opening of King’s Bounty: The Legend

King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North Theme

More music I love:

Kirill Pokrovsky - Bittersweet Regrets
Jeremy Soule - Auriel’s Ascension
Michiru Yamane - Wood Carving Partita

Saw this one today:

Because you never knew you needed a ukulele mash up of Carmen and Phantom of the Opera, performed by Youtuber Taimane.


FiXato just sent me this: …

:woah: Wow, what in the world!

Now that is an instrument. :peek:

Soo, apparently Paganini wrote a piece of music called Caprice no. 24 that is supposed to be one of the most difficult pieces ever written for solo violin

And Marcin Patrzalek decided it’d be fun to play on guitar. :woah:

Just wow.