insult to injury

I’m on of thoes who has always had lucid dreams.
In the past 3 months or so, I starting doing research, learning it has a name and people could choose to get lucid.
With a arrogant attitude I thought, it comes to me naturally, this will be easy.
Well that’s a big negatory.
Since I started trying I haven’t gotten lucid once. Even my dream recall has taken a nose dive. Last night really got me.
I went to bed concentrating on getting lucid. My dream picked up from there.I dreamed a friend kept coming into the room trying to talk to me. In frustration I told him to stop talkiking and leave me alone. I was trying to get lucid!
GRRR. I guess its one step closer.

well, that sounds you are almost there :tongue: But if you always have had lucid dreams, why do you have to try? Just let it come naturally?

Naturally they are rare.
My lucidness has been having the knowledge I’m dreaming and passively going along with the dream.
I want to try all the amazing things I’ve read about
I want to own it, control it.
More than that I want to be able to use lucidness to sort out and deal with the things my subconscious mind is trying to show me.
I’m hoping this can be a learning experience I can grow from.
I want more time to work, more ld’s!!