Intense daydreaming, before sleep, confusing me...

Alright, I have posted one like this before, and it is really confusing the sht out of me. Occasionally I daydream before sleep and this rare event happens where the daydream is SO f**ing vivid and runs awkwardly like a dream, but I myself know for a fact that I am not asleep. What I mean by vivid is that they are the most detailed long ones I have had… I cannot tell if I am just falling into a WILD without knowing or what. Let me also add I am not controlling these much, like last night for example…

I was lying there on the sofa, knew I was awake, knew I could stop daydreaming any second, sorta… Felt like a dream, but I knew for a fact I could move. I was at this empty like mall, and I think I knocked into this kid and he and his brother said some sarcastic shit to me. I myself said, no way… Even my mom was laughing at it, I think I fell backward in my chair, thats what started it. So I decided to get up, give them a snarl and pick my chair back up sitting back down.

Now, I find this hard to understand and explain, but these daydreams are very far and few between. I cannot say the criteria, except they happen before sleep. They are like lucid daydreams I guess… I don’t know… Has anyone experienced these?

I have a few more things to mention. I also heard this song playing , rather annoying one made up of beeps right after the daydream.

Anyways, I looked it up and one person commented saying it was a high meditative state like active imagination… I don’t know how to achieve it but it felt like a real dream and ran like one, but I seemed to notice more… It was more than just taking notice, it was sucking me in too. Like I knew my body was there and I KNEW I was lying there but continued to follow my daydream. Let me also mention during my sleep sometimes, I make a mental note to remember to write this dream down, not sure if it sometimes is during the dream or not… I remember saying to myself that I shouldn’t write this down because it isn’t a dream.

Actually, let me post here some links to 2 sites that may just be what happens to me.

Yoga thats all u need to know

Is this some type of secret message or what? I don’t fancy decoding things just so you know. :slight_smile:

I am not Neo, so I am not into all that Morpheus bs, just splain’ it plain n’ simple.

Yeah I sort of have these every now and then. They seem exactly like real life, it’s weird, but usually they end when I get hit in the face, or fall down or something.

I’ve experienced these “lucid daydreams” too. They’re pretty entertaining, I would call it concentrated imagination more than anything else though.

I agree with flo148. Before I started LDing I had these pretty much every time when I took a nap in the day. I don’t mean while I was asleep, but when I was awake but still tired.

My mind wanted to just go explore and do things. I find imaginating things much more accurate and reliable when I’m tired, because the results are much more realistic and you kinda get sucked into the daydream.

But I would not mix this up with LDing, since it’s merely your own imagination. ( My point of view. )