Interefering Lucid Dreams?

I was wondering:

Dreams are there for your subconcious to try to tell you something. Lets say that your mind is trying to communicate with you and tell you about something in your life. Let’s say you go Lucid and arrogantly walk away from the story and do your own bidding. Doesn’t that beceome dangerous after a while to ignore your mind when it is trying to tell you something?


you are still “in” the story, and you are surrounded in your sub-conscious in a LD.

I don’t think you are ignoring your mind, it’s more like using it. Dreams and lucid dreams are all created from the same “mental language” and surprises still arrive from your sub-conscious.

I believe messages can still get through from the sub-conscious, and maybe even communication with it on a more direct manner. . . and the possible paradox of being conscious while unconscious and talking with your sub-conscioius :cool_laugh:

besides, I don’t think most people only have LDs. Most everyone I’ve met claim they also have “regular” dreams.

dont worry about interfering with natural sleep, You are still (unwittingly) sorting out your day in lucid dreams as you are in a normal one.

There are two paths you can take in an LD: the passive or the active. Once lucid, you can go off and do your own thing - and that can be really fun. But it can also be fun to continue as you were and let the dream proceed without interfering. This can actually teach you a lot b/c you aren’t changing what your subconscious is telling you - and you are much more aware.

Besides, if you’re like the majority of people, the majority of your dreams aren’t lucid, so your mind can tell you all it wants during those times. Either way, take advantage of and enjoy your lucid moments! :happy:

Ok I am no dream expert, but I would say, if your mind is trying to tell you something, you will most likely encounter what your mind is trying to tell you, if it is something important you will have the dream again. You migth have a nigthmare, and you will most likely dicover what your mind is wanting to tell you.