Interesting article on the brain

This doesn’t have to do directly with lucid dreaming by I feel it has huge implications as natural lucid dreamers could fall into this savant category the article talks about. Thoughts? … .html#more

Incredibly interesting.
Thank you very much for the read.

I remember seeing the video of the Rome drawing, astounding.
It is amazing what has/could be unlocked in our own minds.

this is awesome
the 5 part daniel tammet video is awesome

when i was younger, when i looked at numbers, they’d make me think of different kinds of people.
1 was like a man
2 was like a woman
3 was like a child
4 was a younger woman like late teens early 20’s
5 was a young man late teens early 20’s
6 didn’t really have anything
i can’t remember the others either but i think it only went to 9

numbers like 45 or 54 would be like a relationship between 4 and 5
but 54 is like a “5 wears the pants” kinda situation, and 45 is different. it’s better
4 is the best number

it’s not the same as synthesia though. i can’t use it for anything.
seeing the numbers just made me think of things
maybe i can have a dream about it and figure out if i can do anything with it

i sorta have synthesia also…but numbers and letters only make me think of colors, i don’t actually see them…=(
here’s a lil list of mine:

a- yellow
e and f- green

A really interesting article. Thanks for posting!

they leave the definition of “super powers” very open, no doubt it was done on purpose. It was a good read. I can tell you that yes, some people do seem to have that “superpower” inclination; I know.
Natural ld’rs they may fall into it, but I would think if they do, the ones that worked at it and got better at ld’ing would have it too. natural inclination is amazing, I am one, but so are the ones that work for it. they just boost their natural abilities with training. Its like a martial arts; I have seen so many talented people, but the ones that get really good are the ones that train!
were you fishing for any particular kind of thought about this, TBK?

Very cool. :grin:

I don’t doubt anything anymore these days, lol. I believe the human mind can do much more than we can ever imagine…

I know this has been suggested before somewhere else, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to unlock some of these abilies in a LD? I don’t know, maybe just by asking our unconsciousness… “Hey there, unconscious mind, can I have super memory, please?” :happy: