interesting DC encounters?

i’ve had but one lucid dream before- i actually posted about it here pretty recently. that lucid dream was kind of a solo mission, so i didn’t meet any dream characters.

it got me thinking: what is something interesting about your DCs? what’s your favorite thing about them, and what encounter with a dream character sticks out to you the most?

i’d love to hear about other people’s dream characters. they’re one of the most interesting things to me about LDing.

In one lucid dream I was inside a school building. I found the headmaster in the gym hall by himself. He was getting ready for a speech or something. I could hear music on the background, some old song that made me nostalgic. I asked him about my nightmares for some reason. Thought he could help me in some way. The headmaster turned into a dark red devil. He told me that he can not help me. The weird thing is that he sounded sincere. I believe he would have helped me if he could. Then gravity in the room changed and I started to fall towards the wall behind me. There was no wall anymore and I saw a drop to a dark void. Right after my body was out of the gym hall, I teleported to another location. Falling to a dark void was interesting, since later on in the lucid dream I ended up in a pocket universe where every building, the ground and the sky was black.

I think the most “Interesting” in various ways, would be a group of faceless archangels with terrible powers. They pursued me for years across hundreds of dreamscapes, popping up every so often to try killing me. Eventually, well, I had to put a stop to their world-killing shenanigans.

In a non-lucid dream, I landed on top of this factory that had these large round chimneys, beside this blue-collar worker in actual blue clothes and a blue newsie cap.

I noticed that it was sunset in the city, so I asked him, “What time is it?”

And he rapped his knuckles against one of the chimneys, replying, “More than they make in here.”


those are all really interesting. yours, letaali, strikes me because it seems to be a recurring theme that people always mention.

it’s always the same- someone seeks answers about their subconscious or tries to speak directly TO their subconscious through a dream character, and then things take a dark turn. your mind physically tries to stop you from getting those answers because it knows A) you’re not supposed to or B) it’s literally impossible.

i’d like to try it one day. it would be interesting to see what would happen if i went in prepared for what my mind might try to do, and still try to get answers.

My experience of asking dream characters about dreams is that they are very helpful though admittedly I’ve only been able to do it twice.

Once I was having a very confusing dream about being in a supermarket staffed by tigers and asked someone there what they represented and what it all meant. They were very friendly and explained the whole thing, all the symbolism and hidden meanings; turns out the dream was very profound and made a lot of sense; saw some things in a new way after that little chat.

The other time I was at a masquerade ball. Again I asked someone there what he represented. He took his mask off and explained that all the dancers represented different aspects of my mind and that by watching the dancers I could understand their interactions and come to know myself better. The rest of the dream didn’t last long enough from there for me to puzzle out much but was still fun.

There’s no rule that your sub-conscious has to stay behind a veil of mystery or if there is my dream characters certainly didn’t get the memo. Hope that helps!

I always get beautiful women. Like, always

Last night I met a girl in a lucid dream. I wanted to help her and proved her that we were in a dream. She believed me and I taught her how to fly. She didn’t need much guidance though. Flying came easily to her. We also flew through solid objects.