Interesting experience last night

I’m not sure exactly what to classify it as but this is what happened:

I closed my eyes as usual and since i was really tired i just laid on my side and really didn’t move at all. I kept telling myself at first “I will have a lucid dream, I will have a lucid dream…etc etc”. After a while i started to feel numb i guess, like my limbs were falling asleep, and i also started to mess up my sentence, so instead of continuing to say that chant i started to do logical things in my head like i saw in another topic.

I started doing simple math and some harder math i had recently learned in school, after a while it got kind of weird. I started to feel like 2 seperate things, one part of me was my body, which seemed more like a shell, and the other part I’m not sure how to describe, but it felt like this “other” part of me was being pulled out, from my feet. During this my heart rate went up a bit and i tried to calm down, after a little bit my heart still was going pretty fast and in my head i started to “see” things, not sure how to describe it, it was somewhere between physically seeing something and imaginging something in your head, almost like it was a picture on the inside of my eyelids.

I kept doing logical things in my head like math, and i saw a pair of headphones on a baby in my head(wtf?O_o) and i told myself that babies dont wear headphones so that can’t be real. My heart rate was going like almost crazy by now and i swear i felt a tap on my right shoulder, i told myself in my head that that tap can’t be real since I’m the only one in my room.

After a while of these things i sort of “broke” out of it, like for some reason i couldn’t relax when this was happening because of my crazy heart rate for some reason, so it all just sort of stopped and i was back normal again, laying in my bed how i had been for the past X minutes, just tired and with my eyes closed.

So, what do you guys think this is called or what happened? Just as a side note, i USED to be into lucid dreaming, but only ever had one semi-lucid dream and then quit a bit after. Last night was the first time in a long while i had really attempted to LD again.


Someone was moving into their Astral body methinks :content:

astral body? sorry i don’t really know LD terminology really at all. I think the only one i know is DJ means dream journal.

Hi Rarg,

This looks like the beginning of a WILD. You had different sorts of hypnagogic hallucinations:

  • being pulled (somesthetic, ie dream body hallucinations)
  • seeing things like a picture on your eyelids (visual HH)
  • feeling a tap on your shoulder (this is rarer, it’s tactile HH)

In your case, I suppose that your heart racing was due to the uncommon aspect of this experience. Sometimes, it may be due to the beginning of REM sleep or something like that but I don’t think it was the case here.

In many sides, it looks like the beginning of an OBE. OBE’s start by you feeling separated in two, a “dream body” and your sleeping body, and you often find yourself in your bedroom. Some people believe that OBE’s are “astral travels”, or “astral projections”, and your dream body is something real. They call it the “astral body”. As for me, I don’t share this belief but it’s just my point of view. :tongue:

hmm sounds like i was in over my head from what i gather haha. I tried to do the same thing again last night but it didn’t do the same stuff, instead it just felt like my mind was shaking inside of me O_o. Not sure how to describe it, it felt sort like a ball inside a baloon or something, and i was the ball, like i was bouncing around INSIDE of myself. But then it stopped pretty quickly and i eventually fell into normal sleep.

But hey, I think I’ll keep trying what i’ve been doing for a week and see if it gets me anywhere, add in some RC’s here and there during the day and a DJ and i’ll be set:D

Yes, it sounds like you have interesting results in your first tries with the WILD technique. Good luck! :smile:

I’ve reached a similar state doing WILD, but I get so excited that my heart beat also goes up and I even start sweating. Last night I saw some HI, the usual faint geometric patterns, but also for the first time the HI was more than faint, it was increasingly concrete. What ever it was that I saw–it looked like an abstract form out of a computer screen saver–it started as small white dot and then it grew larger and larger as if it had been far away and was actually getting closer. At this point my whole body was numb, I felt heavy, my palms were sweaty, and I couldn’t seem to relax. Eventually I just got frustrated and I moved and all the sensations went away. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong Watt. But the abstract forms you’ve seen are phosphenes, not HI. HI are random images like landscapes, faces, or even little scenes. For instance, the pair of headphones on a baby that Rarg describes. As for me, I saw tonight a door being opened.

The phosphenes growing larger are interesting. They can become 3D-like and transform into HI. About sweating I don’t know. It will perhaps not happen again.

Just keep up and see what happens. You have to reach a stage in which you have HH, like those Rarg told about.

Thanks, Basilus. :ok:

Heyo, im bacxk again from a few days, a few things:

  1. Woo, yesterday was my birthday, im now 16 :razz:

  2. I got an awesome journal i asked for for my birthday, its this beautiful moleskin ruled journal with about 300+ pages in it, this morning i wrote my first dream journal entry in it.

  3. I haven’t had any luck lately with that process i was using in this topic, something i noticed though is that it only works really well if your REALLY tired but your minds awake. Sort of like you know when you read a good book, your eyes get really tired quickly, and if its late your body does too, but your mind is super active because of how you have to imagine these scenes from the book in your mind. So then when you go to sleep, youll go numb pretty quick, but your mind will “last longer”:stuck_out_tongue:

But yah, hopefully my dream journal will help me with my LDing, I’ve still yet to decide if i want to stick with my WILDish thing im doing, or if i want to switch. Im also starting to do more RCs during the day.