Interesting... Just noticed an experience

Interesting, I’ve just noticed an odd experience that I sometimes get when I’m trying to get to sleep. I feel like my mattress turns into a sheet floating in the air and I slide down it. As soon as I start sliding down it I feel like I’m falling and I suddenly panic and “wake up”. The closest experience I can link to others is “falling through my bed”.

This is obviously a WILD, but what I find interesting is that not only do I occasionally experience this, but I experience this at the beginning of the night, when I’ve gone to bed to go to sleep.

If I can learn to relax while “falling” then I should be able to fall into a lucid dream!

I think that would work yeh, just going on what ive read since I take to long to get to sleep for WILD though.

Sounds like the beginning of a WILD to me. :colgate:

It is difficult to be relaxed enough at that time, though. Another possible problem is that you are not in the right sleep phase to actually dream. Still, all sorts of interesting stuff could happen if you manage to go further without startling awake. :smile:

Gravity tends to do weird things when you are in between being awake and asleep. I just noticed this when falling asleep a few days ago, but I actually thought: ‘Oh no, I’m WILDing… if this fails, I will be awake and excited for the rest of the night’ - and pulled myself out of it. :eh: