Interesting LD, place where many characters are aslo in LD's

I posted part of this in the dream diary forum, but thought this stuff would be good here, too. I had a LD where there were other people there who were dreaming as well!!! Very cool phenomenon. Here is what I posted:

Driving in a Corvette, we (dunno who was with me) saw some hot chick bending down in the road and we could see up her short skirt (woo hoo LOL) but we had to skid out in order not to miss her. We got out, to see if she was OK, she was gone but we had reached our destination, so we began to walk. We entered a door, and now I was in a place like a hotel where there was some gathering of people, all there for some common reason, and I was there for that same purpose, whatever that might be… I put my stuff in a room that I was sort of staying in, there were others there that I did not know. I went back to the front of the hotel where there were many people. Then went back to the room and when someone went in there was a scuffle as one of the people I was staying with walked into the room. I went around to the side door, and entered, because the door was now shut and locked, and he was wrestling with my dog. I told Jake, my dog, that it’s OK and they were friends now. This is the first time I remember dreaming about my dog… anyways, we left the room and I was in some place that seemed like a strange city with good hearted as well as evil folks around. I went down a alley where there were lots of expensive things in the windows, the road was like 5 feet wide, more of a hallway then a alley, that curved around. I had a feeling that I had been there before. It was well lit, though it was night time. I went around the corner, I was alone now, and saw two people sitting on the ground going through their bags or something. They looked nice, so I said hello. The one guy gave me a look, and I was like hey, you are here for the same reason. The dude h e was with said “I love this guy!” and for some reason, I did too, he was sort of a hippy looking dude but emulated some vibe that made me feel good. He tole me, “We are dreaming!” I then was Lucid. Neat, I thought, then realized that I was in a place full of dreamers! There were good guys there, all dreaming, and the bad guys were only characters. Now, this guy was making little models or dioramas or something, and he said He lived here in the dream world, and sold them to people for money. I said, we are dreaming, I’ll just manifest some for you. I had my hand in my pocket, and tried to make some cash appear in my hand, but could not. Then I felt some paper, but it was just a receipt (this happens IRL too hehe). I was like, “Oooh!, I bet if I just reach into my other pocket, the money will be there.” It was not. Dang, I was not so powerful in this LD! Well, we decided to walk around, and went back to the windows with that expensive stuff in them, but they were evil for some reason. I was dreaming, so started breaking the windows and trashing stuff (why was I so mischievous?) and people saw me, but I told them not to worry, I was dreaming (still remembering that this was a place where a lot of people who were dreaming were). I cut my arm on the glass. I showed them the cut, and then healed myself by looking at my wound and thinking about lucidly fixing my wrist. They were impressed, as was I (finally some lucid power). Then I walked back into the hotel thing that I was staying at. Again with the guy who told me I was dreaming, we walked past the restaurant part, and there was a fur coat on a chair that someone had forgotten. He grabbed it to take it to the lost and found. A guy said “Hey, that’s my wives coat!” (I was lucidly dreaming, so I knew he was a liar) He told his wife, “I almost got you a fur coat like the one I lost,” (he did not realize that I was near enough to hear) and told him, “See! You Lie.” I am not a fan of fur coats anyways… So then I said goodbye to my new dream-world friend and went outside to wake up.

What I found interesting about this LD was that there were other people there who were dreaming, and that someone told me I was dreaming. Anyone ever been in a place where there were other supposed dreamers?I expect that I will return to this place. Oh, and I know this was a long post, but I wanted to relate the whole dream. Thanks for your time!

Nice dream! Found very interesting to dream.

And yes, i had a LD once which had some other people who claimed they where dreaming, one of those i meet in my dream was from this forum, but as i suspected… We didnt have any shared dream… :wink:

very intresting dream…im not good at ld so i have never experienced such things, but that is just what i want to experiment with when good at ld. i have read somewhere (maybe on this site, i donno) that you can actually meet other people who are dreaming, some can become lucid and some cant. (i mean that they are REAL people) maybe the evil ones are real ppl as well only they dont know they are dreaming…next time when having this dream cant you try to do what your hippie-friend did with you, “wake” ppl up by telling them they are dreaming. maybe you could wake one who have never had a ld before (maybe you could wake me up : )
but i dont believe in this theory though…becouse then everyone would have to be telepathic or such to be in the same dream. maybe we can, maybe we cant. but i have read somewhere thou that when dreaming you can meet other dreamers as well.