Interesting RC

I just thought of a quite interesting RC… Tell me what you think!

Every time you pass by a mirror where you can pretty much see down to your waist, put your non-dominate hand about half an arms length in front of you, and try to reach your dominant hand through the mirror to basically shake hands with yourself.

Yes, quite interesting RC but not practical I think. Do you have mirrors everywhere around you? I think not :smile: So the BEST one for me that is working so badly good is that one with nose. I can be sure whether it’s a dream or not within a second.


I know, I know I’m not prioritizing it, I just think that it would be a cool story to tell if that is actually how you achieved lucidity! :smile: I do the nose one as well

It’s at least a very interesting idea, seems like a variation of the common mirror RC where you just try to put your finger through the mirror. I personally come across quite a lot mirrors or reflective surfaces during my day, windows and such could be used as well! :content:

Hmm, I’ve been trying to put my hand through a mirror every time I see one. Is this a good RC?

:lol: I’ve had serious issues with mirrors as a RC from getting my reflection completely wrong to encountering bloody mary again, but this may change the way I see the mirror RC :mirror: Awesome Idea I’ll try it.