interesting.. seriously. sleep disorder = good for ld?

ive had a weird kind of insomnia for a years, but i was ok with it. i usually (if i have no plans the next day) can stay up to around 7 am just doing whatever. but i have racing thoughts, and a mind that can hum a tune. think about my day. and realized how unrelaxed i am all at the same time. so it takes me about 30 minutes to get to sleep.

so lately my little problem has evolved. i now no matter how tired i am ( or what time i go to sleep ) take 30 minutes to an hour to go to sleep.
and i wake up every hour 30 to 2 hours. then another 30 to an hour to get to sleep.
then up again in an hour 30 ect. all night/day long. it can take almost 14 or so hours to get enough rest to want to get up.

but in the last 2 or so hours my mind treats my sleep like naps. and i can fall back asleep in a minute or 2 flat. but i wake up every 15 minutes.

i have somehow in the last… 4 days had about 9 lucid dreams because of this last cycle.

and during normal sleep despite being extremely exhausted i still dream normally.

the only problem is i have so many dreams i remember the general experience but not fine details because i have about… 9 dreams.

so thats my problem
whatever you will call it.



all welcome

first off don’t put stuff like that in your topic, it makes you sound like a noob.

second, yes i’ve noticed this in many other people with insomnia. on of my better friends can’t fall asleep, and has LD’s very commonly. I think it might have to do with the fact that you are close to being awake alot more than normal ppl so you can become lucid easier.

also, how the hell do you remember 9 dreams? I can only remember 4 usually. then again what do you define as a final dream.

just curious, do you wake up at all during the night and then remember a new dream after that, or just one long stream? :eh:

welcome to the forum BTW :content:

ill wake up and remember the one i just had pretty in detail.

and sometimes they connect

sometimes ill have a dream then another 2 or so and the one after will connect where the first one left off.

its weird.

before this new sleep pattern my brain decided it be best to develop, i rarely had dreams. but i dont know whats going on now.

By waking up every 2 hours, you will be waking up after every dream and so would be more likely to remember them.
Just a question … have you been actively trying to LD or did these early morning LDs just start to happen spontaneously?
The last REMs of the night and naps are well known for being an optimum time for lucid dreams. Some members use the snooze button on their alarm to get multiple LDs before they get up.
The only thing is with the LDs only occurring in 15 minute naps … I would think they would tend to be short?

It’s odd, but you seem to have described the sleeping patern that I’ve been putting up with lately. It has both positive and negative effects I’ve found, the positive being that I remember more dreams and the dreams themselves are more vivid (on account of this being a natural version of WBTB) the negative being that I’m tired, exhausted even, in the mornings.

I don’t know what causes this, I’ve always suffered from insomnia but this isn’t the same, and it tends to elave me feeling oddly disorientated in the morning.

(OT, Kudos on the name, I love Gungrave!)