Interesting space exploration program

Here’s an interesting little program I stumbled across that will definitly catch your eye if you like astronomy. You can explore the solar systems, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and even go far beyond that exploring far away stars, galaxys and planets. On a side note, messing around with this for a while before going to sleep might lead to some interesting space dreams :wink: .

You can find it at

Don’t forget to check out the addons where you can add extra moons, manmade sattelites, etc. to the program.

yeah nice little proggy had it for a while now. You can of course set the time/year speedup/slow down time as it moves in real time.

The time on the clock is UTC which is Universal Central Time (aka GMT - but doesn’t change for daylight savings)

Cool, and it’s open source as well :smile:

Funny, I was just looking at space news